Perlisten D12 03-00 Error Code


Wondering if any Perlisten D Series subwoofer owners have encountered this error code before "03-00". Subwoofer won't work at all. Turned it on and off multiple times to no avail.

Sent an email to Perlisten and waiting.

Sadly subs are brand new, other one is fine.



So was told it was a power supply error code, but gonna try a firmware update (but backwards).

Currently v1.25 most recent firmware which my subwoofers have, they want me to go back to v1.23.

Don't see how power supply can be fixed by firmware, and since my other subwoofer is fine, I feel like this might be a dud unit.

Well see.

Still have to try rebooting the firmware down from v1.25v to v1.23... My computer and tech support skills are marginal at best and only had a late evening to try unsuccessfully to update the sub. Perlisten is doing good hand holding thus far.

Hope to do the software reboot tomorrow.

I'll post my results and links for software tools Perlisten directed me to should this work.


Changing subwoofer software from v1.25 to v1.23 worked.

Here’s the process

Download the program STM32 and get the software ZIP file from Perlisten and follow the steps, just need a USB cable to update.