Advent 300

I am enjoying a restored Advent 300 preamplifier. It has had extensive work done on it. I sounds marvelous! The phone section is pretty good. Smooth flat frequency response when I use it with my MM Grado cartridge and turntable. 
Am curious, what amps did you all use with this unique preamplifier when it came out? Now? The advent 300 will let you know quite a bit at least for me when I plug different pieces into it. It rocks super nice with a Nakamichi on the tape input. It plays great mellow sound like I never heard before on my records through the phono input. Unit has all new caps, and other parts inside. Have always wanted one. My system it is plugged into consists of large efficient ADS L1590 speakers (restored), Adcom GP5400, Dual 1249, Nakamichi CR4, 
Thanks for your input. 
My first stereo system, purchased in 1978 from Alan Audio in Bloomington, IN, consisted of an Advent 300, New Advent speakers, and a Micro Seiki MB-14 turntable. That lasted through my graduation but when I got my own apartment and had it in a 15X20 living room instead of a 9X12 dorm room, 15 watts didn't cut it. I found a used Hafler DH-220 and it rocked for a good long time. Great vintage combo.
Who did the work on it? Do they have a lot of experience with this receiver? Were you satisfied?
The Advent 300 is a 15wpc FM receiver with pre/power jacks. The Audio Critic liked it back in 1977!
The NAD 3020 appeared a year later in '78 and became the new darling. I bought two!
Thanks everyone for jumping in this discussion. I do have a nice reference B &K amplifier I want to use with it. The adcom is okay for a while. Any other amp suggestions. 
I have not heard the NAD sound I used to like. I miss the hafler sound. It was super warm and nice. The hafler 110 was a very nice preamp also but this advent might be better. 
peter s The tech made it great again, I am very satisfied with the sound. I am okay with the adcom amp but am wondering why I sold my hafler DH 220 a couple years ago, would sound good like you said I bet.