Advent loudspeakers

Hello Everyone,
Advent loudspeakers coming up for sale. I checked them out today.
Predictably, surrounds need replacing.
what are your thoughts on pedigree and price?

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 Thank you everyone, I appreciate your feedback. I’m sorry I couldn’t get the picture to load. Basically the surrounds are rotted out. 
Might b fun to own at a bottom price.
Happy holidays.
What model of Advent are they? Large, small, original, New Advent?
surrounds can be replaced at appox. $50 to $75 plus shipping. If you are handy and can follow the instructions exactly, you can probably purchase the surrounds for around $25. I had a pair of the New Advent Loudspeakers which I had surrounds replaced. Yes, the sound is a bit dated but they always sounded respectable to me. I gave them to a Nephew who didn't have a lot of money to spend on hifi. He was absolutely thrilled with them. Also gave him a a refurbished Sherwood 7900 receiver and a Marantz CD player. He couldn't be happier.
In 1977 while a Senior in HS I bought a pair of the "New Advents". I own them to this day. They are in my basement and I play them while working out. The surrounds have been replaced twice. The last go-round I used Van L Speakerworks in Chicago and had the internal wiring and cross-overs upgraded at  nominal cost. I am using a Sansuii receiver I bought at the same time. My source downstairs is a Dennon DVR player. I discovered that that with modern decent quality IC's and SC, the sound is pretty darned good. Where they truly excel is in the bass to mid-bass region. It is lightning fast and taut. Yes, they are dated in terms of refinement, midrange and treble but they are still pretty darned good. They should not be overstated or understated. They are somewhere in that hinterland between mid-fi and high-end. They get rock and roll rhythm sections down pat. A bass guitar and a tom-tom sounds incredibly real-quick and tight. In summary, they are a classic much like a '69 Mustang. 
The 69 Mustang had the 429 Boss Fastback. The Camaro killer, the detonator of Dodges, etc. It was a long time ago. You may correct me if I am mistaken. lol.
No 69 Mustang is really a classic. The Boss 429 was produced in very limited numbers in 69 (859) and 70 (499). It was hardly a Camaro killer. The 69 COPO ZL-1 Camaro would leave the Boss in the dust. 

The only true Mustang classic is 1965, the first year. 
Mustang production began in April 1964. For various reasons, including a lack of parts due to overwhelming demand, it stopped in June 1964. The cars built during those first 3 months are identified by collectors as 1964 1/2 although they are all registered as 1965 cars. 

Production resumed in September 1964 with a series of upgrades including new engine options, minor cosmetic changes, and generators replaced by alternators. These are regarded as 1965 models. 

Hope that helps. 
This thread made me listen a bit more intently to my Large Advents yesterday and there is a quality that is not present in most current-era speakers; different bass instruments appear to emanate from different depths within the general area of the speaker. It is not image depth or soundstage depth per se but it is a distinct quality. Where the speakers fall down a bit is in midrange and treble continuity. Male voices sound a bit too chesty and female voices tend to sound a bit disembodied. The treble at the very highest frequencies sound a bit shrill and tizzy. It is a very enjoyable speaker but yes, it is no longer high-end. Perhaps it never was. 
I watched that weird movie with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz last night, Vanilla Sky. Pretty sure Tom is seen driving a '69 Mustang repeatedly in the beginning stages of the movie. To me it is a classic just as something my dad advised me when I was a teenager-gray wool slacks with a medium lapeled blue blazer is always a classic.