Adventures in power cords, TelWiire etc.

Helping my sister in her 1928 house, all bedrooms and home office on one circut, I installed Leviton 5352 receptacle in my temporary bedroom and put pigtails on all receptacles with heavy mounting plate on my "bedroom system" outlet. Much better soundstaging from my modest Pioneer VSX32 receiver using my favorite Analysis plus silver oval power cord. Talked to Scott at Mr.Cable about upgrade for my PS Audio perfectwave DAC and he suggested better value is a GOOD power cord, went home with a TelWire 'The Reference' power cord and installed on the receiver. It changed my life. Well sort-of. All the good stuff we hope for now, real bass slam now! Smooth and correct dialog video, phone rings in movie and sounds like it is coming from my room etc.
About PRAT; Was listening to 'the girl from impanenia' and noticed the singer sounded like he was trying to catch up with the band, checked power cords and found a trial assortment of cords, no TelWire. Put TelWire back in place and all was good. Now I wanted more, back to Mr Cable and got Wattgate gold receptacle which is said to match up well with Wattgate gold plugs on cable, it does! more better, and that odd Leviton tone is gone too.
The above took 500+hours break-in on cord and another 200+hours on the outlet. The 500 hours is a minimum, I used a few days hooked up to fan, but mostly just left receiver on for break-in. Additional notes; MKsound 950 front speakers, Paradigm center, no surrounds, no sub, Sony 580 disc player, TelWire SPDIF cable dvd-PS Audio DAC, modified PureNote front speaker cables, DIY cable center, Analysis silver oval to BPT basic power strip, MrCable SuperFlex to DAC, DIY cord to TV, captive cord on DVD. Ridge Poiema!! IC DAC to receiver.
Conclusion; TelWire power cord brings whole new cost-benefit ratio to receiver, may be most cost effective solution, of course I would like better Amp, considering Wyred4Sound 5 channel and Integra 40.2 PrePro.
All comments welcome,further direction needed, the above story took 2 months, Thanx for reading, Mike.
Follow up. An $800 power cord on an $800 receiver and no comments? Better amp on order now and I'll report back with assessment on it after breakin, Mike.
Cheapmike, For what its worth I own a TelWire Power cord. I think if you look at my reviews , I did a review of the power cord a couple of years back.
The TelWire was a good power cable, but better suited for source equipment than Amplifiers / Recievers, at lest based on the one I have. I'm using it on my Oppo 95 Blu Ray player.

Everything matters when it comes to the electricity your equipment recieves.
That is, the circuit, the line, the outlet, the power conditioner, the power cord etc.

But, it can only go as far as your equipment is capable.
In other words, don't try to put " Lipstick on a Pig"
I've been using TelWire power cords for over 5 years now and have no desire to change. I use the regular cords on source equipment and the high current version on my amps.

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