Advice Needed - 3.7 vs. Dyn C2 vs. Ascendant

Hello all. I'm a long-time Audiogoner reader, but seldom post anything. I've been buying and selling equipment for around 20 years and have gone through a lot of pieces. I've gotten to a point where I am very content with my system other than the speakers. My current system is Ayre QB-9, Rega P5, Pass XP-10 and Pass X350.5. My speakers are Thiel CS2.4's. I've owned Thiel's off and on for most of my audio life and currently have 1.6's in my game room, SCS4's in the HT and even Power Points in my garage. The big reason is being from KY, these have always been the easiest to audition and I have always enjoyed them. But, I would like something different. I am considering the C2's and the Avalon Ascendant's. This is primarily based on reading although I heard Avalons several years ago in a shop in Columbus and I have owned Dyn 3.4's and 5.4's. The 5.4's along with Joseph Audio RM33's have been the two favorite speakers I have owned. My room is around 14' x 22' x 9' with wood floors and a large area rug. It is open on both sides. I listen primarily to classic rock, modern rock, female jazz and some alternative country. I'd really like some opinions on the three speakers I am comparing. I have recently listened to Wilson WP8's and really enjoyed those. My wife fell in love with them. But, I really don't want to raise my budget that much. Sophia II's may be considered. It's tough not being in a location where you can audition or having time to travel to audition. Any help will be appreciated.
Vgrubb,Tyler Acoustics is in Owensboro,KY.Ty Lashbrook,the owner, is a great person to work with.He will do what it takes to satisfy his customers.Do a little searching on the web and you will find tons of stuff relating to customer satisfaction and the quality/sound of his products.He will do custom work if you want something other than his current line.I would definitely visit his shop and audition some speakers if I lived in KY.I own a pair of his speakers and am very happy with them.I set up a link to his website for you.Good luck in your search.

tyler acoustics
I never liked Thiel so my opinon is not really valid for you but..Id buy used and move up the line in Avalon(Indra) or Dynaudio(C4)which I have in same size room as yours.Also I would much rather have the Sophia 2 over the W/P8s any day as well..Dynaudio mates very well with the Pass(C4s with 350.5 sounds great) IMO..If you do Wilson I would go tubes...