Advice on 5ch amp to power Nautilus 804s

I am in the process of building a complete Nautilus home theater system. I just purchased the N804s for left/right and the HTM-1 for center, as they both share the exact same drivers. I plan to purchase another set of N804s for the rears in the future. This will produce a completely balanced speaker set. Now I have to power them. I am running a Acurus 125x5 amp right now, B&K Ref-30 and Sony DVP-S9000ES. My question is does this amp do these speakers any justice? What should I upgrade to? My room is small, 13x14, actually a bedroom that is now the home theater. I watch 70% movies, 30% music. I have, left over from a soon-to-be-dismantled audio system, a Bryston 4B-ST. I have toyed with the idea of purchasing a 6B-ST so that I can have 5 channels, but I think this might be overkill. I feel it might be more prudent to purchase a 9B-ST or possibly the 5ch Krell. I have no qualms about selling both the Acurus and the Bryston to help fund my purchase of another amp, so any ideas you all have would be appreaciated. Thanks.
I am sure that you'll get lots of varying and good opinions on this one, so please allow me to be first up:

You may regret getting rid of that Bryston down the road. Getting another one gives you lots more flexibility as your interests grow and/or change. We have mixed in our "boneyard" amps (the ones that got kicked out of the 2 channel system during upgrades) into our HT. Currently, we have a Classe CA300 on the front speakers, Rowland Model 1 (in mono block mode) on the center chanel and another Model 1 (in stereo mode) on the surrounds. The preamp allows for gain adjustment to keep the sound levels appropriate.
I just come from the house of keep a backup, you'll never know when you'll need it.
If it was me, I'd keep the Acurus as a backup and buy another Bryston.
You're the only one that knows what you'll need. Hopefully, different points of view just give you different things to consider as you go.
Have fun, this is one of the best parts of the journey for me.... upgrading..... yeah..... :~}
My Musical Fidelity HT600 5 channel amp powers my B&W 805's easily, and is an amazing match. It should drive the 804's with muscle to spare, and give you superb 2 channel sound as well. If you ever need more amplification, you can always buy their 2 channel amp for the left and rights, and keep the 5 channel for everything else, and still be way below the competitions prices. There are bigger and more expensive amps available, but I haven't heard a better sounding one yet.