Advice on Improving a Wifi-Mesh -> Ethernet Setup?

My streamer connects to an ethernet port of a Netgear Orbi satellite. It's a modified Allo Digione Signature mounted on a USBridge Signature, both powered by an Allo Shanti LPS.

The Orbi is a stock unit powered by a Teradak LPS. I've noticed a significant jump using John Swenson's technique to "ground" the stock SMPS. The LPS provided further improvements but were not as dramatic as introducing the grounding adapter.

If I intend to take things one step forward, which would make the most sense in my system? 

1. An "audiophile" switch that supposedly reclocks and improves the signal.

2. Some type of filter or isolation to reduce noise (Gigafoil, ENO, FMC, etc.).

3. Modifying/Replacing the Orbi.

Thanks in advance!


Are you using a stock/generic DC cable? If so, a custom aftermarket DC cable may deliver surprising improvements. Custom DC cable + grounded LPS + isolation/resonance control for the LPS. Trifecta.

I am! I can indeed do better than the stock DC cable. I should probably also give the LPS a better power cord.

@serancien   Not at all. 


I recently went from the older AC3000 Orbi Pro to the current AX6000 Orbi Pro.

I made the change for non-sound quality reasons. Every aspect of the chain was exactly the same, except for the old router/satellite being swapped out for the latest router/satellite.

The difference in sound quality was significant.



I can indeed do better than the stock DC cable. I should probably also give the LPS a better power cord.

I have been moving some things around just to find out what will happen so may move my HD Plex LPS over to my router.  I have a smaller ifi filtered power supply (I do not believe their power supplies/adaptors are linear but they are filtered) that I can use on the Gigafoilv4 and the ENO doesn't need power.  I am currently using the HD Plex on the Gigafoilv4 because it is closest to my server.  As mentioned, the results of any of this have been so subtle as to make me wonder whether there is any effect whatsoever. 

Things that do make a noticeable difference include the upgrade I just made from a Mojo Audio EVO B4B21+ DAC to their EVO PRO DAC (a positive move - slightly better resolution and spatial information), and also I have compared running USB directly from my Mojo Audio Deja Vu server to the DAC vs. running Ethernet from the server to a separate Roon endpoint (either Metrum Ambre or Bricasti M5) and then AES/EBU or S/PDIF into the DAC.  The USB sounds better (slightly richer, tonally bolder, and more dynamic) but the server uses the well-regarded JCAT USB CARD XE so maybe no surprise there.

nothing exotic, Blue Jeans CAT6

I’ve read the Ethernet cable can make a significant difference, so I got a Wireworld Starlight 8 to go from my extender to my Zen Stream.  Haven’t had a chance to hook it up yet, but I’ll report back with findings.  Might be something for you to explore further FWIW.