Advice on Selling Vintage Equipment

I purchased all my vintage equipment in my teens back in the early 80s most of it right off the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show when it was held in Chicago.  At the time it was pretty high end...well at least to a teenager.  I see a lot of my equipment discussed on this forum, so I'm looking for advice on the best way to price and sell the components.  I moved, and there's just really no place to hook it up.  All of the equipment has been stored in the original boxes for years in my basement.  I just hooked it up, and it all works.

I have the following:

Hafler DH-200 Amplifier
Hafler DH-110 Pre-Amp with Model 112 Pre-Preamp
NAD 4020A Tuner
Denon DP-60L with Dynavector Karat 23R and Stanton 980HZS

I even have a Dennesen Geometric Soundtracktor if it's worth anything.  Probably going to need to sell all my vinyl as well.

tonykay - My apologies if I violated any terms of this forum.  I wasn't trying to sell here.  Normal everyday items I sell through FB Marketplace.  I also restore and sell vintage, collectable pinball machines.  These generally sell through specialty websites.  I listed my equipment with that experience in mind.  I didn't know if the same existed for higher end audio equipment.

noromance - thank you for the tips.

limomagnus - I used to work trade shows in Chicago.  I was frequently able to buy off the floor at the end of a show because generally it was cheaper for the exhibitors to sell the demo equipment than it was to ship it back to their companies.  I knew when I bought this equipment that it was higher end, and I was getting a significant discount over retail.  I also knew that I loved the quality of sound it produced.  I really don't remember what I paid for any of it at the time.  I do remember that I also bought a pair of Kirksaeter speakers - I think they were Monitor 50s. I really loved those speakers.  They were the best bookshelf speakers I had ever heard at that time and perfect for college.  I literally shook them off the shelf one to many times and destroyed the cabinets.
My DH 200 is still going strong to this day. As is my Soundcraftsman RP2204 equalizer.
Best place to dump your vintage gear is EBAY. You'll get MUCH higher prices there than you will on Audiophile "Vintage" Forums like AUDIOKARMA.  If you know how to use EBAY just do a search on your gear and see whats out there....then do a search on COMPLETED ITEMS to see the ones (if any) that have sold in the past # of months.  Ive sold dozens of 1970's Monster receivers there.  If you need boxes to ship you can find many boxes on that will fit even the largest of receivers.