Beloved equipment

What's up with sellers describing their equipment as "beloved" as in "I'm selling my beloved power amp..." Are people forming an emotional relationship with a bunch of electric circuits housed in metal cases? I mean it's cool with me if that's your thing, but it does strike me as a little fetish-like. I wonder if anybody will admit to it, but are audiophiles bringing home flowers for their preamps and putting them in fancy lingerie?
I found that pre-amps are just too fickle for flowers but a nice pair of sheer stockings used as grill cloth for speakers causes electron excitement and increases flux !!
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have any of you found that wet flowers given to amps increased damping-??---sorry just couldn't help it !!!
my thorens jubilee and i are going to vegas for the weekend to make up. i've cheated on it for several years with an oracle paris.
I used to think of them as "just speakers," but once they went outside the boundaries of the system, began helping others less fortunate than them by being active in the community and touching the lives of others......well, when I now say "beloved", I'm speaking for my whole community.
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You want virgins! Now that's funny. Between the power cords and the interconnects your electronics has seen quite a bit of breaking in, if you know what I mean.
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My beloved 'horn' has been known to make some ear piercing cat type wailing on occasion (rare occasion, I might add). I always get the gold medal. Nobody remembers those that come second eh?
Oo-er missus.
You should see my La Luce TT with a scarlet color vinyl being played... beats Giesel in lingerie by a mile.
I really love my Linn LP 12, circa 1991. I know there are better tables, but it has a sound that has grown very dear to me. It is pure comfort.
My Sansui sp-5500 speakers and my Cayin Audio 265ai and Cary CAD-300sei Integrated amps!