Advice on Totem model ones

Hi, this is my first post, I'm really green and need help.

Recently purchased used Totem Model Ones (4 ohm, 87 Sensitivity)for my Audio Refinement Complete Integrated (50wpc)and CDP. Using Ultralink ICs and Monster wire. Room is 15x35, system on short wall, lots of glass, 10-23ft wood ceiling, hardwoods with area rug.

Took my Paradigm Mini-Monitors off and hooked up the Model Ones (on stands). Sounded great, if a little light on bass. Listened to them for a couple of days, moved them around a bit and then put Paradigms back on for comparison. Paradigms sounded better, richer, more lows, highs just as crisp. It seemed the Paradigms sounded better on just about every type of music and quality of recording. Totems fared better on best recordings, jazz. I would sum up the Totems as sounding tinny or veiled in comparison to Paradigms.

Interestingly, I moved the Totems to the HT system in the basement (Yamaha 80 wpc)and they sounded much better. Smaller room, carpet.

My questions are:

1) Are the Totems a good/poor match for the Complete system and why?

2) Will the Complete system ever satisfy me "completely" with its 50 wpc and my large room?

3) The system sounds pretty darn good with the Paradigm Mini-Monitors, what would make it sound better if I can't get the Totem's to perform? Paradigm studio 40s?

I listen to all types of music but mainly easy, mid-level volume stuff for the living room.

Audiogon has given me a lot of the basics and I hope the experts in the group will have the patience to help me with this.

Many thanks
Andrew Storey
If you like the sound of the mini-monitors and want some more bass then you will absolutely love the Studio 40's. Your amp is a little on the light side power wise but still very workable. Go for an audition and compare the mini-monitors which you know how they soudn in your own room to a pair of Studio 40's. Any Paradigm dealer should be able to accomodate you. Secondly, give some other speakers a good listen and buy what you like.
you need an amp with quite a bit more power for the Totem's. I also have a pair of these and I use a pair of Odyssey Monoblock amps and the speakers sound fantastic. See if you can borrow an amp with power and then listen to the Totem's. The Totem's will blow away the Paradigm's with the right equipment (IMO). Read up on the reviews of the Model 1's and they will tell you they need power.
Rbstehno hit the nail on the head. Power. Many of us have discovered the hard way that there is a difference between power a speaker sufficient to get the volume you want and powering a speaker in a manner that it produces robust, well balanced sound. Your 50 wpc can probably drive the Totems to any desired volume level but it won't control them adequately to produce clean healthy sound.

It's good that you picked up on this quick. I think I bought and sold speakers several times, baffled by the difference in my experience with them vs the reviewers, until I learned that underpowering a speaker will produce volume but fail to produce high quality sound.
I agree with previous postings. The Totems are quite good, but only when preceded by great source and power. They reveal deficencies in the front end.
Model 1's are very poor match to ...'Complete system but with more powerfull amp able to deliver substantially fuller and deeper sound and imaging than Paradigms.
For the large room you'll probably need a sub but mostly Model 1 is designed for the small to medium rooms. For the large room you might need more than 150W/ch.