Advise for speaker cable upgrade please

I am currently using a pair of MIT T-2 biwires with Paradigm Studio 100s and an Anthem Amp 2. Thinking of trying the Silver Sonic Q-10 in a biwired configuration also. Would this be an ugrade or just lateral movement?? Any other recommenations appreciated. Thanks.
I recently went to a bi-wirie config with Analysis Plus oval 9 on the bottom and oval 12 on top and it has been phenomenal. Far beyond my highest expectation. I tried the Q-10 and it was good, but not in the same league.

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This is my review/comparison of TARA LABS Prisim Bi-wires vs. DH LABS Q-10 vs. the Zu Cable Julian Bi-wire speaker cables which I did purchase. The Julians are great, although I did just upgrade to the Zu Cable Wax speaker cables. These are the best I have tried.
i just purchased the Bearlabs Silver Thunder speaker cable and was stunned by the improvement in sound. good luck!

I'll place a second vote for Analysis + Oval 9 since I've seen these cables on very costly setups such as Tannoy Churchill driven by a pair of BAT VK60 in mono configuration. It isn't necessary to have a biwire setup in your case. In most cases, single wire setup will be better with tube amp.