Advise on innerconnects

I need a pair of 15 ft RCA (single ended)IC's. Need input on a good neutral to the tad side of warm. I'm currently using Analysis Plus and like them a lot, but with new gear just installed, I need a little more warmth. Thanks in advance for your input.
I used Stealth CWC (cross-wrapped copper) for some time, then found a Stealth silver ribbon suited my electrostatic speakers better. The CWC was warmer, and yielded a velvet background of silence. Ask, he's the designer. Disclosure: I know him. (But I met him through a purchase: it's not as though he's my brother-in law, say.)
I would say that Coincident interconnects lean to the warm side of nuetral, they are very good for the money. Even better though not as warm, but altogether better are the Vantage Silver Marina. They will send them to you and let you try them for 45 days, if you like them pay them, if not send them back.