Aesthetix Atlas Compared to Pass Labs XA30.8

Has anyone had experience with both of these amps to provide a comparison?
I currently own the "regular" Aesthetix Atlas....and am curious about the Pass Labs XA30.8 primarily because I play my system at generally lower levels.... Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Hey It seems that you are constantly %130r8y9 around with tubes and fuseslooking for a real change and I'm sure getting a small difference each time
 Why not call the guy who made your amp and see what he would do if it was him. Don't you think he would want you to be satisfied?The fact that your preamp and amp is a zero-feedback design logically would steer it towards a phase and time correct speaker design with all the drivers pulsing to what the Mic picked up in a recording in the first place, preserving the music fundamental and overtones instead of half the drivers with directions out of sync. How about doing an experiment find a cheap pair of working Vandersteen 2 series speakers on Craig's list. read the owner's manual with set up the results you achieve with your gear should easily give you a holy cow moment big change with confidence to move forward to maybe treos or Quatros.
The Atlas has a solid state output stage that runs in AB I believe.
It would have more grunt than the Pass Labs although I am uncertain if you are playing at lower levels.
I have heard both and preferred the X series Pass Labs. I guess it depends on what speakers you are driving and what your sonic preferences are.
The midrange and high end on the xa30.8 are magical. The bass is great but if there has to be a week point of the amp it is the bass. It isn't about heart pounding room shaking bass the xa30.8 is about accurate sounding bass. As well if you dont know the xa30.8 goes into ab mode up to 110 watts or so into 8 ohms and something like 160 watts into 4 ohms. I can't speak towards the other amp as I have never heard it. 
You don't even mention the speakers that you're driving with the amp.  That will make a big difference to any responses here...
Thanks for the responses....I'm driving PMC FACT8's.  I have currently unplugged my Aesthetix Calypso Preamp....My source right now is the Auralic Vega G2 with Auralic Leo GX Master Clock....It's running direct from my Vega G2 to the amp....Again, I'm not using my Calypso Preamp currently.   I was just curious how the Aesthetix Atlas amp would compare to the Pass Labs XA30.8 because it runs in full Class A compared to my AB hybrid tube/solid state Atlas.....
I'll echo others' comments that the speaker will help drive the selection of the amp.  I formerly had Thiel 2.4s in my big rig system and found that the Pass X150.8 drove those speakers better than anything else around. I asked Kent whether it would be best to get the XA series monos or an X series and while I was prepared to spend the $ to buy the XA monos, Kent steered me to the X series for the Thiel.  The Pass products warmed up the Thiels beautifully.  However I've now moved on to Magnepan 20.7's and I prefer the Atlas on that speaker.  I'm also running the Aesthetix Janus.
I would suggest putting that Calypso back in the chain.  I’ve gone directly from dac to amp (xa30.8) and heard a positive difference including the pre.  Give it a try.