Aesthetix Calypso Signature to Eclipse

Has anyone done this upgrade?  Any thoughts on the improvement, if any?
I’ve upgraded from Callisto basic to Signature and then to full Eclipse. However, the Aesthetix Calypso is another animal.

I don’t know the cost of the upgrade you are asking about, but would venture a guess that a used Aesthetix Callisto Sig would be much better than a Calypso Eclipse.

This based on listening tests in my system when I had both for an extended period of time.   Aesthetix is greatly effected by tubes, as are most designs.   I have lots of posts at Audiogon discussing tube swaps and results of same.

Sorry, I don't know current market value of your Calypso versus used version Aesthetix Callisto.

If value of your Calypso plus $3500.00 would put you in a Callisto,  I would move to the higher range model.   Later you can upgrade the Callisto to Eclipse if you wish.  

These two are on different performance levels, Callisto is Jupiter series, Calypso is Saturn series.

This is just my opinion, I used Aesthetix in my system for more than a decade and when tubed up right it’s way up the chain in performance.

Thanks for the information Albert.

I am also wondering about upgrades of the Aesthetix Saturn series components from standard or Signature to the Eclipse level. So I will be following this in hope of some on point input from others. I have a Rhea, Calypso and Atlas.

I don't have room on my rack for extra boxes, so although I have considered some of the Jupiter series components (Io and Callisto), it would require changing racks, which is not something I want to do at this time.

Jim Perry