Aesthetix Mimas Remote Setup

Greetings fellow Mimas owners,

I am hoping someone can provide guidance based on your experience owing this model. I just received my Mimas this afternoon and reviewed the instruction manual for setting up and coding the remote. This is what it says: "press the Standby button, then press the menu button and release both". However, on the (plastic) remote that came with the unit, I see the Standby but there is NO menu button. Can someone identify which button I should be using?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



If the documentation you received was insufficient, they should have a .pdf file that you can review for this product on their website. Either that, or they sent you the wrong remote.
Thanks all for your feedback. I'm perplexed at the plastic remote for such a high quality unit and have no idea if coding the remote is done on the remote itself on the front panel of the Mimas. The instructions seem to be somewhat incomplete.

I'll keep trying.



Greetings all,

I just spoke with Jim White of Aesthetix and John Rutan of Audio Connection. They were extremely helpful and supportive with assisting me with getting up and running. To be honest, the issue was not theirs, but in fact was mine as I did not set things up correctly, and the remote is working as promised.

This was the best customer service I have ever experienced and I really appreciate their support and follow-up. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Thanks to Jim and John, and my fellow Mimas owners.



I am absolutely fed up with the remote for this amp.  So fussy, it doesn't work half the time.  I point it at my amp, nothing works, input select, volume, nothing.  Then I have to take out the Manuel and figure out if it is in transport mode or whatever the hell else it could be doing.  Or look at the command set and figure out what combination of buttons to press to activate it.  Then I eventually somehow get it working only to have it not be responsive a day or two later and then go through the whole process again, and sometimes I can't get it work.  Glad I have my remote to my Creek Evolution 100A, it works find on the Mimas.  But my son is taking that amp.  So now I have to live with this frustratingly fussing Mimas remote.  



Please contact, 805 529 9901 ext 1001 and we will take care of your problem.  Sorry for the trouble, I know how frustrating that is.


Jim White