Affects of Badly Centered Hole

Recently I bought a new LP record and while listening to it I noticed that the speed seemed to waver, especially on the last two tracks of the record.  The sound of the music sounded like the tape was slowing down.  I remember this sensation with tape decks in the 80's when the motor would wear out or tension wasn't correct in the mechanism.  
Anyway, I wasn't sure if this was part of the music or not so I kept listening until I realized that there was definitely something wrong.  When I looked at the spinning LP I saw the cartridge undulating back and forth at least 1/4 of an inch.  This is the worst out of center I have ever seen a record cut.  I guess I had never realized how much this affects the pitch of the music.  I've noticed that out of center holes are not uncommon, but I have never noticed the pitch affected by it.  

Yeah that is a bad one. Sometimes the hole is centered on the record but the pressing isn't. So it looks good- until you notice the arm swinging back and forth.
It's pretty common issue, return the record and ask for refund, get a perfect copy. 

I have some 45s and LPs with this problem, sometimes it's only on one side of the vinyl. Anyway, I hate off centered pressings as it cause terrible issue with pitch, sometimes impossible to listen to. 
Wow from warps, off-center pressings and misplaced center holes has driven me nuts since I was twelve...which was perhaps about one or two years ago(!).  Flutter and wow from Four Tracks, Eight Tracks, cassettes and reel-to-reals at anything slower than Seven and a Half IPS did the same.  It's one of the reasons I looked so forward to the compact disc. And back then, when you traded in a defective LP for a new one, chances were only about fifty-fifty it'd be better.  And oh yeah, don't attempt the exchange in the summer.  The vinyl would warp while wending its way across the continent.
   This is the worst out of center I have ever seen a record cut.


Worse than this?
This is a new speaker corner print of mine, returned and replaced, it was a terrible off-center print.