Affordable Tube Tester

Hello all...I know there are many posts on this topic , but wanted to get a 2024 knowledge base answer ....Are any of these older tube testers on eBay worthy..? Looking for something just to test my EL34's , 12AX7, 7044/5687's for my Manley Snappers for endurance/life/shorts . Not looking to collect or be a tube seller...I've seen the one Amplitrex 1000A on Upscale ...a bit pricey..


Thanks for the help!  


Be careful with used testers.   Many are way out of spec after 50, 60, 70 years.....

I got lucky when I bought my Hickok 800.  It was obviously loved and taken care of.  

It also had been serviced not too long ago.  When I bought it, the seller sent a video of him testing two "bogey" tubes.   A 6l6 and 12ax7

When I got it I tested a few of my tubes that were matched and tested and it was accurate enough for my needs.   

That tester saved me from putting a bad rectifer in my 300b so it was worth every penny.  


wow , that looks cared for 100% ...thanks for the info. I definitely have doubts about buying old uncalibrated machine.. 

In general, you can’t go wrong with a Hickok that’s tested and calibrated. Or any other brand that measures transconductance, many of which were also built by Hickok. The Amplitrex costs more because it’s likely to be better than even a vintage Hickok. For one thing, I think it tests tubes at higher plate voltages, more like actual conditions in a typical circuit.