After living with Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme speaker cables for a while now...

I have to say that I am impressed as well as very satisfied. They couldn't be called cheap, but in comparison to many other brands I guess they could be. Let's just say reasonable. 
I bought them directly from Robert Grost because he lives fairly close here in AZ. I already had a power cord and his excellent digital cable, so I didn't feel like I was risking much. I've had a biwire set for about 5 months now, and as is usual, they sounded good from the get go, but is really took about three months before I realized that the system was displaying a really "see through" quality. Maybe it's because this design is supposed to minimize noise. 
Anyway, I think that these will be with me for a long time, and I would certainly recommend them. Robert also represents the best of what I would expect from a cottage industry operation. He's friendly, cares about his customers and isn't out to make more than a fair profit.
I know there was a lot of buzz about these cables a couple of years ago. I'm wondering how those users are feeling about them now.   
Agreed, Robert and Cerious Technologies produce good products. I still use my Graphene Extreme speaker cables and in my opinion, are very good sounding cables especially when one looks at the cost. The Matrix speaker cable are more expensive but also more dynamic. 
The Cerious GE sound great and are great values. Slowly integrating the Matrix into my main system with great results...,Bob is very helpful in prioritizing upgrade order..