After watching UNDERCOVER BOSS about Peavey Electronic, are they still in business?

This so sad, So I was watching UNDERCOVER BOSS and the step son went under cover and when they showed
the plant it look like they had 10 employees on the floor in Meridian Mississippi. and to top it off the company cut their
hours to thirty hour a week and the the founder (Hartley Peavey) was watching on a computer monitor in a motor home
acting sarcastic while his step son was listen to the HARDSHIPS of there employees like just getting buy to pay rent ,
then they also closed three plants,now get this after the son offered to help the employees that he was working with on the show with  paying there bill's after the show they LAID THE PEOPLE OFF, one guy heard the plant was closing and gave a three week notice, But was persuaded to stay with the company and GOT LAID OFF ANYWAY, so the question is are they still in business and are they still servicing their older power seems they have off shored the work to china. one lady was with the company for 24 years and her husband worked there and they gave her the boot. we need to stop doing this to AMERICAN WORKER. 
Peavey made the world's first CNC manufactured guitar - the T15. Now all companies do it this way!