Peavey or Behringer?


I know this is not strictly an audio question,but figure this group might know.

Behringer and Peavey stage keyboard "amps"(preamp,main amp,speaker,fed from a line level out) are priced within a few dollars of each another.

Do you have anything good or bad to say about either brand or a reason to choose one over the other?

Thank you.
I have nothing good to say about either of them.

They are about the same quality and both probably adequate for club/rock/group type of use. I would not think of using either where any sort of quality sound is needed (amplifying acoustic instruments or a good vocalist).
They're cheap, and regarding sound quality: You get what you pay for. I'll only install either for the sound reinforcement customers(tightwads) that require the least expensive components possible. I'd never recommend them for home audio, but, "diff'nt strokes"....(and all that).
Crown! I used to tour and Crown had the sound and was as built like a tank. In ten years of gigging, I never seen one die. I can't say the same for Peavey, beacause I have seen them self destruct a couple of times. Also, Peavey has a 'sound'. Some like, most don't. I know plenty of audiophiles who use Crown road amps in their hi-fi... they are that clean! As for the others, well you get what you pay for.