AGD Audion GaN Class D In The House

During the last decade i have managed to try in my home 95% of the Class D amps offered to the public these include the so called break thru offerings of the last year or two. While there has been progress the class D signature remained and this included what was lacking in class D amplification.

When i heard about AGD i thought here we go again because i had been there and done that so many times with class D but the GaN tech had me intrigued so i bought a pair of the Audion amps, i thought i would give class D one more go.

I received the amps two days ago and have about twelve hours of listening. From the first minute onwards these amps had my full attention. There is no connection between this class D amp and class D i have heard in the pass no connection what so ever. Forget classes A, A/B, D or whatever this is just an excellent sounding amp, it delivers music that belongs at the upper levels of Hi End audio reproduction.

It`s only been a couple of days of listening but i`m so taken back at the quality of sound i just had to share. I will add more the more i listen, good or bad.

Hey Lance, pumped to hear more about how these compare to the LTA reference+ and the Coda, as I own amps from both companies as well as the LTA pre. 


Would love to slim down the power amp stable ! (The LTA pre is a keeper tho)




The only other amp I would compare to the AGD is the Bakoon.

I have a Bakoon headphone amp. It also gives a clear, open window into the sound. But the AGDs are in a category of their own.

Without knowledge, I imagine some very pricey amps are also superb but I believe AGD can stand proudly against any.