Aged components / service!?

I tried to get an insight in what is considered aged components in a pre amp. I look at a pre which is between 10-15 years old. Personally i kind of feel this is close to a no go. I get conflicting information with regards to service and age.
Do we have any members here who could actually teach me something regarding components and age?

I selectively bought some of Yamaha’s best equipment 
made. Serviced cleaned if needed and all in service without failure for 10+ years. I’ve two rooms using some duplicate equipment. If it’s reputable solid and top-of-the-line it will work better than most out there today. Top performing for a fraction of the price works for me !


In a backup system, I’m using a concept 4.5D receiver as a pre-amp. It was manufactured new, if memory serves, during the Carter administration. The unit works just dandy, as a preamp. The amplifier section takes a while to “warm up.” All original everything. Everyone’s different, but 10-15 years doesn’t scare this fella in the least. 
Add it all up, certainly best to buy brand new with warranty and live with it forever.
If your going to spend  it money on used anything then have it serviced well that could add up to a brand new piece 😏 I guess add it up whatever your willing to spend..
I don’t understand all this hard and fast ’if it’s over 10 years old don’t buy it’ nonsense. Same for the people who are so completely sure that their new equipment, by virtue of its new engineering, is light years ahead of, let’s say for sake of argument, a fantastic, top of the line late ’90s/early ’00’s setup.
In fact, as a benchmark, I rarely come across the thrill of capturing how good early Levinson sounded or Maggie 3.6's or the breathtaking magic of a Pass Aleph 3- for all the engineering evolution that gets touted by the new salesman who have some goods to sell and ads to place.
Depends on the manufacturer. Companies like Dynaco and Hafler seem timeless.
I built a Halfer DH-101 and DH-200 in college almost 40 years ago and they still work great. Built like a tank. I've since moved up the food chain, but did use them for many years as my main system, and have kept them for sentimental reasons.