Air Tight ATM-2 vs CAT JL2 with Avalon speakers

Have any of you compared ATM2 with JL2? Which of them will fit better (in term of sound quality) with the latest Ascendant 2 (or other Avalon speakers) in rather small room 10x18x10 (know about CAT's heat :-) ?
My priorities are: deep & stable soundstage, full, colourful sound with realistic midrange.
Is ATM-2 enough for Avalons?

Best wishes!
You probably need more power. I'd be careful if you can't audition together. Cheers,

Unfortunately I can't audition any of above. There's no CAT distribution in my country and my Air Tight dealer hasn't got ATM-2 (and won't have soon).
There's a lot on the forum about CAT-Avalon synergy and I'm sure that's one of the best choices on the market, but I am little bit afraid about relatively often retubing, heat and power consumption. (BTW how many watts does JL-2 consume?) I'm listening now Cary CAD120s (120W pentode/60W triode mode) and my first impression was really nice (especially after Accuphase A30 - definitely not good combination with Avalons), but with each day I'm less satisfied - mainly in bass department and sense of liveness.

Would be appreciate for any advices and opinions.
the avalons will still play 'sweet' with a large ss amp, which is probably best.
I used to call "sweet" amps like Accuphase A30 (e.g. with Audio Physics, Thiels) but with Ascendants it sounds lean with boomy bass. Quite unexpected.
Don't know Ayre, nor Spectral gear which are famous for synergy with Avalons cause they're not available in Poland, but a few really expierenced people reported me of best results with strong PP tube amps.
the a30 won't make it...something like the p450 would. the little class a amps will be overwelmed. even the huge a50 will sound thin.
I've finished my research with Jadis DA88s. Absolutely amazing amp, probably the best integrated ever made. Synergy with Avalons is unbelievable. Rest of system is MBL 1531 and Stereovox cables. Together it gives me the very best sound in my life. It's so listenable and universal for EVERY type of music.

Holy Grail:)