Air with full Orchestra The Hollywood Bowl WOW

Air with full Orchestra last night at The Hollywood Bowl was astounding!!!!Superb Sound system.Could hear every detail of the music.Sound was not loud or distorted like most concerts.A Very classy affair indeed.Air has stepped up to the plate Big Time!Beck was there to do his part on "Don't be Light".Hopefully a DVD or SACD of the show will be released........JL
Hey JL, I live in LA too, but haven't been to The Bowl since they remodeled. I've heard great things about the new acoustics.
Glad to hear about the Bowl's acoustics now. I was at the Bowl in mid-July for LA Phil's Mahler 2d.

Sound was terrible.

Very thin throuhout the show and changed many times as night fell and the tempurature changed.

Soloists sounded cartoonish.

Coincidently, LA Times ran a story a few days later about how difficult it was proving to get the new sound system working correctly and how difficult it has always been to mix sound at the bowl. The bigger shell had the same problems as the smaller shell but on an order of magnitude worse.

Remember, the shell was meant to be temporary (in the 1920's!). A prosceneum stage has always held a sound advantage in outdoor venues (just compare to the Greek Theater to see what I mean) and I think it was unfortunate that the Bowl was forced to keep its shell by the nostolgic purists.
Eddaytona, I thought the remodeling took place long before July!!! Oh no!! Ahh, the shell.