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Manufacturer Repairs? What is a reasonable time?
I say it's time to get a rope. Or as Slappy would suggest, "an old board with a rusty nail in it". 
itunes/ext hard drive integration
I bought one of those USB 2.0 MiniPros a few months to transfer files to clients when I go see them. Itis a very snappy drive. I also bought six of the 3TB USB 2.0 desktop versions with Seagate drives for backing up work and media files. I'm havin... 
Mac question
"Lindisfarne, The first question should be is when you insert the thumb drive into the mac, does an icon appear on the desktop?"BINGO!Before you can double click a song or drag the music files to your iTunes folder, the drive has to be mounted on ... 
itunes/ext hard drive integration
I've been working on Macs for over 20 years as a graphic designer, so I'm a bit old school regarding back ups. I almost always do them manually.I still haven't the knutz to trust Time Machine. But like Kijanki I've found Carbon Copy Cloner to be q... 
Classical, Spanish & South American Guitar Jewels
Some of my favorite guitarists are Ruben Romero, Oscar Lopez, Jesse Cook, Robby Longley and Ana Caram. 
Music Server now bane of my existence
After being away from audio for awhile, I'm thinking of building a system designed around a Mac Mini.I've been using Macs for graphic design for over 20 years, so the operating system and iTunes were already familiar to me. I've been ripping CDs i... 
Speaker cables: $3000 or $380. What do you get??
I'll expand on Zd542's post a bit more.Experience is the key. That is, when you have heard enough gear in your home and know exactly what type of sound and presentation you like and what you hope to gain with a step up in class/price (for lack of ... 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
Whoa...I just woke from a really long nap!Yeah, Slappy's thread on the "big board with a rusty nail" had me laughing for weeks.Around the time I stopped posting on here [5 years ago?] A'goN began clamping down on the type of threads and responses ... 
There are new audiophiles born everyday
Why aren't new vacuum tubes as good as old ones?
Tpreaves is right. There are places like Groove Tubes that caters to musicians, but all my favorite tubes come from WWII era contractors. Technology based on tubes was ubiquitous then, but now there simply is no need for them. 
Does Apple airport express work well?
Man, with all these wireless ooglemeiers spewing EMFs all over the place, you guys are liable to grow a third eye. Maybe that's how that kid in China got those 16 extra fingers and toes. 
Best way to test your system?
I don't necessarily agree with this.It really depends on what type of music the system is designed for. A low-powered SET system would be incredible sounding in its niche, but there's no way I'd try to crank a movie through it. I realize this is a... 
Proac 1sc or 2D for this size room
Wow, I've been out of it for awhile. I'm a former ProAc owner and really loved those guys. Is the D Two a resurrection of the much heralded 2S? 
are subwoofers anti-audiophile?
Hey John,My problem is that depending on mood and music I tend to vacillate between favoring weight or abhorring bloat, heheh.Dean 
are subwoofers anti-audiophile?
What one person might perceive as weight, another might perceive as bloat.