Airpulse Model 1 active monitor initial impressions

I took a flyer on a pair of these back at the end of April for the introductory price of $795.00 and lo and behold they arrive at my doorstep on 7/3 the day before I go on vacation.  I got home late last evening and have only able to listen to them for a few hours today  but I must say they sound terrific right out of the box:  Very resolving with great layering and outstanding bass, I honestly don't know how Phil Jones gets this kind of quality bass from a monitor. The fit and finish are excellent as well.  I did want to keep this brief as my listening session has been limited, and I'll comment further after more extensive listening but I must say I'm very impressed and happy thus far.
I just picked up a pair of these.  For near field listening the Airpulse 1s are incredible.  All my audio want boxes have been ticked.  Very impressive monitors.  
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I am very interested in these powered monitors. I see there is an A300 model with a 6.5 inch woofer as well as USB and a some sort of chip digital sound processing, but this model is not listed on the US website. I emailed the AirPulse america site and no response. Where did you lads buy these speakers?

also, are these a firm and worthy update to the JBL LSR 305? How do run a subwoofer from these speakers? I use the JBL LSR 310 subroofie
@canibefrank Airpulse doesn't sell the a300 in the US. I've seen the a300 on Amazon UK but it has been out of stock for a long time. 

I'm not familiar with the JBL speakers you list. The Airplus a200 was far superior to any other monitor I've tried though. The a200s need a sub though. 
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