Active monitors, 3k used, great nearfield sound

I currently use Mackie HR 824 MkII's in my computer setup. I'm basically happy with them, but have made some downstream improvements that I think could be better revealed with superior speakers.

I'm seeking quality active monitors that cost roughly 3k used, offer superior nearfield listening, and don't go all that low (I have the Mackies set for 47 Hz because the downstairs neighbors hear too much thump at 37 Hz). I prefer a slightly warm sound and certainly not anything too clinical.

Can anyone offer suggestions?
ATC has a great reputation in active speakers if you like their sound. The 10s cost $5K new but there are a couple of pairs on here now for much less.
I just received a pair of Spendor SA-200 actives. They only cost me $600.00 for the pair and are awesome. Yes they are 5 years old, but I am happy with the purchase.
For this amount the best on is Event Opal nearfield monitors. These professional monitors would sound more like high-end speakers.
event opal
Try also Genelec 8040A (warmer than ATC but clinical). Focal Twin 6 Be (splashy and fun). JBL, KRK, Dynaudio and Adam also make good actives in this price range - so try to hear a few to see which sounds right for you.
Studio monitors-The mackies use a passive radiator to force extra bass. the weird location of the passive sends low end everywhere too, so I imagine it vibrates your walls at home easily.

To know what you are ready for depends on how you feel about the midrange of the Mackies. Do you want it clearer or do you want what the Mackies are with less low end?
Second Shadorne's rec. of Genelec. I only heard them in the store but felt they bettered Dynaudio, KRK, Mackie for natural, non-fatiguing sound.
Third the Genelecs. I have a pair of 8030A. Incredible sound. Pin prick detail and real slam (I have the 7050B sub to augment that).

Genelecs are almost standard for near-field monitors in mixing music, movies and tv shows. Huge following among professional recording engineers for their detail and consistency up and down the product line. They however are not "hi-fi warm' meaning less than stellar recordings don't sound great. My Led Zeppelin CD's are a good example. Dark Side of the Moon on the flip side sounds sublime.
I appreciate all the suggestions, everyone. I'll do some auditioning and make a decision. Thanks for the input.
I own the Focal Twin 6's and love em'. You can get a new pair for a couple hundred more than you're looking to spend. It's nice to have that warranty.
How nearfield are we talking about? Are you going to listen to them at high volumes? I am currently have the beolab 3s as my pc speakers. I am sure you can get them at 3k used on ebay. Its compact form and full range capabilities at low volume performance is the reason why i chose them. The acoustic lenses really help them work as nearfields. You have to hear them to believe how amazingly adapt they are for computer use.
Oh silly me i forgot to mention that the beolab 3s i was referring to are from bang&olufsen.
I second looking at the AVIs. Very easy to overlook but the their active speakers are unbelievable. They are so good! Owner came from ATC.