Album Covers & Inserts

We had water in out basement. Just enough to ruin everything on the floor.  I have ~100 albums where the album covers & sleeves got ruined. I have them in good sleeves & blank cardboards. Is there anywhere I can get prints of the album covers.  iTunes used to have the album art but doesn’t now. Any suggestions?


What a shame. At least you got to yours soon after the leak.

I hope you saved the wet covers! A new cover isn’t going to help you if they are on a shelf.

I was given about 50 lps that were below a water leak, sat wet for a long time.

Covers wet, some mold, some paper so thin it fell to pieces, mold on the LPs.

BUT, the edges of the covers were in decent shape, could read them if packed on a shelf.

I dried everything out, sprayed and brushed the mold off as best as I could, washed the mold off the lps in the sink with dish detergent, dried in dish washer rack.

This is how I learned about Jazz before spending money on some music I knew nothing about.

So, the most important identifier, the cover edge was maintained, then, when individually played, a proper cleaning of the LP and new inner sleeve.





Just do a search on the album(s) and click ‘image’ on your browser, you’ll find cover art you can download and print. Amazon has plenty of album art. 

Many albums in Discogs have pictures of their album art - front & back - and inner sleeves & inserts. It’ll take some time, and some digging, but it’s very likely that you’ll be able to find images for many of the albums you need. Good luck!

I went to my LRS’s sidewalk sale yesterday looking for used $1 or $2 records, not for the record but for the jacket to replace some I have that are old and fraying.
I also check thrift stores occasionally, that’s usually an even better deal.
It will take a while to find replacements for “~100”, but so will printing them.

@bslon: Was that at Music Millennium? I'm going this afternoon. At the last one I found about 50 titles I brought home.

Oh no, I just couldn’t imagine all of my priceless Blue Note album covers getting ruined!