allison one or two

i just got a pair of allison's and i'm lokking for all the info i can get. they are 3way with 8in. woofers and they look just like the new series one's.serial #b3664 is on one of them and i think #b3684 on the other.they need to be refoamed and are missing the grill's. also what might be the value of these. thanks mike
f the back comes to a point, they are the model'one'....if the front comes to a point they are the model 'two'. the ones go in corners....the twos along a wall.
I think the two's have 10" woof's, not 8". unsure of value.
I had heard the two's about 25 years ago, very good neutral sound.
You have Model Twos. Model Two is like the flagship Model One -- flat back for mandatory placement up against a wall, mirror-image driver baffles arranged at a 90 degree angle and coming to a point in front -- only physically smaller, with the 8" woofers instead of 10" (dome midranges and 'nipple' tweeters stay the same). The Model Three, on the other hand, is like a Model One sliced in half vertically: only one driver baffle, and a 90-degree angle cabinet rear, for exclusively corner placement. (Conversely, the Model One could be described as a pair of Model Threes placed adjacent to one another. A Model Three in a corner is sonically equivalent to -- and can used as half of a stereo pair together with -- a Model One on a flat wall.) I would consult the new Allison company if possible for advice about appropriate replacements for the woofer surrounds, since all of the diaphragm elements in these speakers were uniquely idiosyncratic and not representative of what's typically available on the parts market. You're most likely out of luck on the grilles, which were lightweight, frameless, fabric-less, highly-perforated, thin one-piece molded-plastic jobs, nothing like normal and prone to cracking with age (although maybe the most audibly invisible ever made). Perhaps not particularly valuable in the condition of yours, not highly valuable even in cherry condition, but well worth saving for both interest and sound; set them up on a wall that allows at minimum 3' distance away from corners/sidewalls.