Allman Brothers/Live at Fillmore East

There are some threads already on this recording, but not on my specific question. Should I buy the MoFi 200 gram 2lp recording for $49.98 or the 180 gram 4lp recording for $74.98?
Thank you in advance.

Don't know, but if you don't get an answer, you could always tie someone to a whipping post to find out.... ;)
The 2 lp version is the original album on 180 gram vinyl. The 4Lp set contains unreleased tracks from March 12-13, 1971 and the Fillmore's Final Weekend on June 27, 1971. The sound quality on both albums are the same. If you just like the album go for the 2LP set. If your a Allman Brothers fan go for the 4LP set. And if like me your a diehard fan and think this is the best live rock album ever get them both. 
If you have any record shows in your area, I'd hold out for a pink label Capricorn. I'm always on the hunt for one.

Meanwhile, my Classic Records is my go to.

Happy listening!
having said this, if you're committed to paying full price for any of the new re-masters?, get one now while there's a 20% off most online stores.
There's a Pink Label Capricorn listed on ebay now for $17.00 Buy it now. 
Capricorn Records ‎– SD 2-802. 
Just bought a pink label Capricorn copy on eBay what your looking for is  if it has AT/GP on the dead wax. The GP being George Paros (Master Engineer). Looking forward to comparing it to the 180 gram version. 
I will bet on the early Capricorn pink label, assuming it’s a nice VG + to NM- copy. I haven’t done a formal A/B, but remember my early Pink label to sound quite good, while my Classic redo was nothing special. You have prompted me to do the A/B though. Your comparison may be more relevant to the OP, since the Classic is OOP.
FWIW, A very nice copy of the pink/Capricorn kind of fell into my lap last week. Mine has AT/GP in the deadwax. I've compared sides one on this original and my Classic. The original if superior in really every way. While the Classic has a slightly wider soundstage, the original has greater dynamics with a more open sound. The Classic is dark by comparison. I lucked up on ebay for $14.50 plus tax + shipping!
Tried to respond yesterday, but my grandson wasn't having any of it. I also compared Side 1 only, started with the CLASSIC, and then the early Pink Label CAPRICORN. The latter had side 1/4 on 1 LP, and the other 2/3. The Classic had the more conventional sides 1/2, 3/4... The dead wax initials on my Std pressing were "PR". I've known that to stand for Presswell on the Atlantic label, but not sure here. I found the Classic to be quite good.... Bass was nice and full, but not as articulate and detailed as I would have liked. Surfaces were quiet.... A nice time capsule, which  with a little imagination, took me back to the Fillmore. Moving to Side 1 of my Standard pressing, it had a presence that was lacking in the Classic, which brought the Fillmore in to my room. So while the Classic put you in the Time Capsule, this one had that out of speaker presence. Bass was more realistic, which made the Classic sound Goosed down. This one had low end detail... A drum thwack sounded more like a real drum thwack. I have no regrets on my Classic, but at this point my standard pressing is my reference. So dare I say, this is pretty much what I expected.
Did you happen to notice how much of the music is coming from the right channel? I really never thought about this before. I just received my new phono preamp which has front panel polarity adjustment. I switched the polarity to neg and the music came out of the center stage

( My feeling is your standard pressing may be not the best, regarding the info in the deadwax?)

Possibly, but my pressing certainly satisfied. As far as the Right channel thing, nothing that was obvious to me, but I will give it another spin soon.
I checked Discogs the other day, and my pressing was the second US
pressing listed. I think MO and GP were the 1st, with the PR (mine) listed as next US! For around $20, I'm not complaining. The choice ones on e-bay
right now are $75-$100... As of 2 days ago anyway. A tad off subject, but
the Gregg: Laid Back on QRP is really good. One of the rare instances where a new remaster,  beat my earlier press.
The QRP of "Laid Back"... yep.. outstanding! I don't think one will ever find a better lp pressing! I have (3) pressings of "Laid Back".. this was one record that deserved more attention. The QRP.. highly recommended!

Not that I need more competition, I got mine (Allman Brothers) off of an auction on ebay through (Carolina Soul). My experience with them is right on the money. They always have a nice selection and their grading has never caused me to complain.
Just getting to spin my pink label AT/GP copy today and must say I agree with slaw it is heavy on the right side. But sounds much better than my 180 copy. The low end is unreal I just added a subwoofer to my system and this album really brings it to life. Also the crispness of Duane's guitar solo's is so clear and clean. Just another example of the original being superior to the remastered version.

Where are you? Are you going to be another who requests info, receives info, never responds?


I've been at a loss. The "heavy right side" presentation has been perplexing, to say the least.

I have some thoughts ?

Sorry. my focus is now on my 99 yr old mother. Will have to put audio on hold for a while. 


I am sympathetic to your situation as I've been my mother's caretaker for years after my Dad died from cancer, whom I was caretaker for as well.
Good luck.


Regarding the heavy right channel focus on "Fillmore East"...

I'm becoming more convinced that these types of issues may be due to how records are cut and or pressed.

My Townshend Rock 7 has its' arm pillar as an extension of its' metal plinth. This plinth sits on (3) spring suspension. It has a counterweight that is bolted to this plinth as a way to balance/level the entire set-up. My arm has no azimuth adjustment.

I'd say 85% of the lps I play, I hear rock solid, dead center imaging. The others.... I have several sizes of small blue tack balls that I place on the counterweight in various places to (even) out lps that are heavy on the left or on the right. This would seem to suggest an anti-skating issue. Why? Just maybe, the cutting of the stamper or the pressing operation was not precise?

I just listened to the first two tracks on The Band "S/T" on MFSL and my original pressing. I had everything set up for dead center imaging with the MFSL. I put on the other and the focus was heavy on the right channel.

What's weird is, my Classic "Fillmore East" and the original are both, right channel heavy.

What do you think?
Thank you Slaw. I appreciate you understanding. 
I'm not back home yet but in St. Louis for a few days.  Visited Euclid Records  this afternoon and I highly recommend it (as well as Vintage Vinyl) . Picked up some Nautilus half speeds - Cars/Candy-O, ELO/Discovery, Elton John/Greatest Hits, and Pretenders/Pretenders as well as James Gang Rides Again andTen Years After/A Space in Time. Kinda shows you my taste in music. But was really happy to pick up a pink Capricorn Allman Bros/Live at Fillmore East in mint condition.  Mine is marked AT/DK. Huh? I'll give it a spin and give you my impression when I return home next week. (VPI Classic 3/Soundsmith Zephyr MkII) 

Really pleased with my purchase. All the lps are mint. Yes, the Allman Bros. is slightly heavy in the right channel at the beginning of side 1 but balance returns on the other sides. The Ten Years After is really a great recording. "I'd to Change the World" alone was worth the price of the record.  "Private Lives" on The Pretenders is a killer song. I just wish the album didn't have to contain some x-rated lyrics.  
Well, I have to get back to cleaning some lps that have sat way too long on my shelves.