Best Allman Brothers releases?

What are the most sonically pleasing releases you've heard of Live at Fillmore East, Eat a Peach, Brothers & Sisters, etc. They seem to be available in so many formats! Anything on CD/HDCD/XRCD/SACD would be fine, but not vinyl (although feel free to provide vinyl suggestions for others who may be interested). I'm a newbie ABB collector so I can't really offer any educated choices of my own. Thanks for your help!
Live at the Fillmore East -
MFSL 24 KT Gold Plated Ultradisc II CD (UDCD 2-558)

The best I've heard. If you can find it, buy it!
Nautilus Half-Speed LP of "Live at the Filmore East" followed by the MOFI Gold Double-CD of the same.

then MFSL LP of "Eat A Peach"

a permanent resident in the cd car system is; "The Allman Brothers Band, A Decade Of Hits 1969-1979" hits most of the highlights with pretty good sonics where the original had them to begin with.
I recommend 'The Fillmore Concerts' on Mercury. It's an expanded version of "Live at Fillmore East' with a few extra tracks. The news here is that the extra tracks are really good, not the usual crap that shows why it was left off the original release. For a "regular" (no SACD/HDCD, etc.) CD, the sound is spectacular. The whole package was supervised & remastered by Tom Dowd, longtime ABB producer. And... the hefty booklet is great.

I also recommend "An Evening with the Allman Brothers Band" (the blue cover) on Epic. Recorded in the early '90's, it has more of their later work-- superb, rockin' playing, very well produced. I think these guys are at their best live. Good luck & enjoy.
Thanks, guys! I have the Brothers and Sisters gold cd which is quite nice. I'll check out the others mentioned here. If you're a ABB big fan, take a look at this site:
After the first two releases you may stop. There's no point. The live stuff is indulgent, nothing but musical posturing. Don't get me wrong I love 'em. But that country-fried Grateful Dead impression can be grating. Now if you're stoned--well, that's a completely different story. Then by all means it's Fillmore East.