Allman Brothers Live at the Fillmore East

Hi. I would like to buy a very good sounding recording of Live at the Fillmore, and wonder what people's opinions are of the recently released 2 cd "Deluxe Edition" versus the Mobile Fidelity cd version from 1992. Thanks, kb
If you own a Super Audio CD player you might want the SACD. Due on May 18th. I have the MFSL on Ultradisc (made in Japan), which is a nice set, but I love the record so I'll try the SACD when it comes out.

I own the new deluxe edition, It's pretty sweet! Haven't compared it with any other. I also picked up the new Peter Frampton and the Skynyrd cd's, which were also excellent remaster's
You may try looking at The Allman Brothers Band:The Fillmore Concerts. It's a outstanding re-engineered and remastering of the Fillmore shows by Tom Dowd and Bill Levenson in 1992. For years I have always wanted to hear Whipping Post and Mountain Jam played back to back.