Allnic family

Some of you who dealt with Larry the president of TTWeights Audio Company (not the cable guy) know that this experience can be sometimes less than thrilling. Due to my permanent lack of funds to buy new I decided (without checking first) to take a plunge and spend big (for me ) money on demo high dollar arm /cart combo. Unfortunately, the set arrived in condition being far from described to the point of being not useable at all (the arm ). I had to send it to manufacturer for costly rebuild. The arm came and I tried cartridge which was in fact Allnic Puritas flagship and found out that claimed 300 hrs of use was rather highly optimistic. I contacted Mr. David Beetles from Hammertone Audio -distributor of Allnic for North America and he said " send it to Korea to Mr.KS Park for inspection and eventual rebuild " Now , Puritas retails for ~$5k and usually rebuild can be as much as 50% or more, so I was prepared to give up on the cart. Well, a week and a half after I sent the cart I've got a word that my cart is on it's way back. No invoice ,no shipping charge, nothing .
I opened the package the other day and there it is , brand new cart and all accessories , like bought in the store , and the word from Hammertone Audio.
"You're now a family member, enjoy!"
Well , I know it's not the usual way the business works but I'm happy to be exception of the rule and really happy to be a member of Allnic family (impoverished cousin maybe ;?) I heard that they replaced tubes in their phonostages for free and it didn't matter where one bought the unit and recalled some of the cartridges for free replacement. I also know there are some good guys in audio industry ()but Allnic people get my vote as one of the best.
Rgrds, L

Nice to hear, These folks clearly care about their customers. Thanks for sharing

Good Listening,

David Beetles of Hammertone Audio is and has always been first class.

Very true.
Glad all worked out and enjoy your Allnic, maybe one day I will be able to hear one.
Wish more people would come forth about dealings with TTWeights, you are now about the 6th person I know that has had a not so thrilling experience...hope others learn.
The volume control on my preamp was sending static to the speakers when I moved it. They sent me a new attenuator at no charge and didn't even inquire about warranty status or anything else. So yeah, I would say they stand behind their products admirably. They also really sound great. If you get the chance you may want to try one of their phono stages and/or preamps.
I had a similar experience with my Blue Angel Mantis cartridge. It was replaced with an upgraded model for zero charge.

You'll hear good things about some other manufacturers out there, too. There are stories about Bryston and Magnepan, for example.
David Beetles is a stand up guy who truly cares about his customers and products that he represents.
I'll add my vote to the David Beetles fan club. He helped me sort through some tube noise/replacement issues in my Allnic phono stage and was refreshingly direct in his communications, prompt in his responses, and followed through on his commitments. A distributor can make or break a product. Mr. Park should appreciate how effective David is in handling his product line. Goodwill is not easy to earn but very easy to lose.
I am another happy Allnic owner, and I can only echo the positive comments above.
I actually communicated with Mr Park directly regarding a Silvaweld phono stage. Before there was Allnic, Mr Park was the brains behind Silvaweld, where he designed and produced many excellent products in the late 90s/early 2000s. Despite the fact that there was nothing in it for him, Mr Park was most cordial and helpful in supplying information regarding my SWH550 phono stage.

I will also say the same, in spades, for Ralph Karsten of Atma-sphere. He is a great guy and a very patient one as well, as he has talked me through a few crises of my own making, because I insisted on modifying his gear. Never once did he remind me that the problems were my fault entirely.