Alphason HR-100s tonearm cue repair - help

Does anyone know how to repair the tonearm cue of an Alphason HR-100s? It looks like the damping fluid has leaked out of the bottom of the tube used for damping the cue device.

Also, did this tonearm ever come with a finger lift attached to the headshell? If not, has anyone successfully added one?
I bought mine used and it did not have a finger lift. The brochure pictures of the arm did not show a finger lift. I think the designer wanted to remove any resonances that may be created by having a finger lift.

I cannot help with the tonearm cue problem. Maybe you can add silicone damping fluid if you are able to open this up. Another possibility is to find another tonearm cue device with the same diameter as the old one. I remember a website in Japan that sold some cueing devices. I can check to see if I bookmarked this if you are interested.
I have bits of alphason hr-100 arm in parts bin. if cueing device 100% will contact you.headshell lifting device was plastic arm and bolted over headshell using cartridge mount bolts was extremly mickey mouse and for sure I dont have one of me by e mail if you are interested.
The plastic headshell lift is mickey mouse. It's easily deformed and tends to compromise cart fastening. There are spare part add-on lifters like a ProJect part sold at Needle Dr. The middle and other hole would have to be trimmed to accommodate the hump in the arm tube. Once fitted properly it should make a better lifter.
Hello Im looking for an alphason tonearm lift
The plastic piece that the tonearm rest on is broken
Many of these lifting devices are the same size. You might find a substitute. Measure the diameter and height of the barrel. If you can't find a used one maybe one from a current arm (like Jelco) will fit. I think Needle Dr. sells ProJect parts. You might have to call to find out if the cueing devise is compatible.
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I forgot the arm rest is integral to the lift platform and this is a more serious problem. Is the platform/rest irreparable?
Original parts might be nearly impossible to source. If you can't glue or epoxy it back together, you might want to get in touch with Audio Origami. He does repairs and rewires on old high end arms like this and arms like the Syrinx etc.

If it can't be repaired or replaced, you might have to use a conventional cueing platform and mount a separate arm rest.