Amp repair in Orange County, CA for Carver WM-200t

A lady I work with at a church wants me to sell two Carver WM-200t amps for her.
However, I have no way of testing them to see if they work correctly.
So before selling, I need to have them checked out.

Is there a recommended amp repair shop here in Orange County? Open to Los Angeles shops if there's nothing here in OC.


The church has a sound system. On 'off time', put them back in place, they work or they don't.

Usually a church has someone who knows all about the sound system, have her have he/she/them tell you what is known and be the one inserting them back in the system

Maybe this company:

George Meyer AV LINK:

If not, please ask who they recommend. Also call audio retailers in your area and ask them for a referral.

See this link:

Carver Audio Repair link:

Hopefully you can find a local retailer or someone else to test the amp. If not, it is  going to be expensive to ship them.

Offered for $185 each on Reverb.  Not sure there’s any market for them; who would want a Carver “magnetic field” amp?