Altec Lansing A7s Back...

Saw this on this morning... Apparently Altec Lansing has decided to re-release the A7s, which make many folk's "legendary audio equipment" lists... The new ones will retail, apparently, for $6100 clams each. So, having never heard 'em, are these really legendary? Will a 1950s design hold up today in that strata of the audio market?
Not for 6100 each they are NOT. I purchased these new for 400 each years ago new. These have great midrange projection and effeciency but No low bass, uneaven frequency responmce ringing from the metal horns you name it and they arent built all that well either. find a nice used pair. god
I bought a pair in 05 with the initial price of 8000. and 300. shipping. I used to own the Stonehenge 3 in the 70's and yearned for the percussive smack that few high end speakers can produce.

I set them up in my 20x30 listening space, and thinking with ARC, CJ and PAD gear, I would reach Nirvana with better components than the S.A.E. and Soundcraftsman I used with the older Altecs.
This did not happen. The sound was akin to a good P.A. system. I then spoke to the Altec Tech and redesigner of the crossover who suggested I send back the x-overs for tweaks to calm the overactive lower mids.

I instead did the unthinkable, I bought an EQ. This with sitting at the other end of the room (I'm a nearfielder), and turning the speaker upside down with the horn inside the cabinet now made the speaker listenable but after having Acoustat, B+W, Wilson, Totem, Magneplanar, Vandersteen and Revel in my room, the joy of refinement in loudspeaker techmoligy (Ali G!) was simply not there.

However, if you want the excitment of the moviehouse, these things are absolutely splendid! They are, afterall, the "Voice of the Theater". Also, I hosted a Halloween party in a 60x40x15 room and they finally showed me the the stuff that legends are made of. A volume and presence with clarity that only a large horn system can deliver.

So, if your looking for speaker that has a liquid transparency, gobs of inner detail and delicate portrayal of the ambient space, forget about it. They are brutes that require r-o-o-m, an EQ and surprisingly little power.

The strong point is the midrange on these and it is spectacular. You can make these sing with good eg. Why not try Model 19 its the home version better sounding and effecient as hell. In my front room I had the following all at once. Altec A7X pair, Model 19 Pair, single scoop bin pair. actually these are nice speakers but god that price, i think there is a a pair of 19's for 800 on agon.