Altec Lansing Model 19

After a loooooong research I found them! 10/10 condition cabinet drivers grills everithing is brend new, the owner (first and only) has reassured me they are perfect and I can tell you he is right!! not easy to get them here in Europe.
QUESTION, I want to drive them with the best amplification from the 70s!! nothing like nowadays elettronics, possibly one box amp!
Thanks for the help!
Congrats! My favourite speakers of all times (after JBL 4350)....the best I had them running with was McIntosh 240 or MC 30 monos...with either mx110 as pre or C20,C22....enjoy them!
I suggest you consider McIntosh MC275; the extra power will give you better control at lower listening volumes. A C20 or C22 would work, but you might want to consider going with a C2300 if you run a MC cartridge. Not vintage, but the phono section is superb. Great find, good luck and happy listening!
Betcha a Shindo Montrachet would sound great with the 19's. I always enjoyed the sound of that amp, the few times I have heard it.
70's transistor amps were pretty crap sounding and using them with any horn speaker is a very bad idea. Even by today's standards The Altec 19 is a very competent speaker and deserves the best electronics you can afford. Ideally a tube amp with guts, the 19's woofers like to have some current or they'll sound loose and tubby.
I know Shindo mates well with the Valencia 846A, which is the 16 ohm version. I can't speak for 19's. I do know someone who had 19's and Shindo, but I'm not sure if it was at the same time.
Thank You all....I had for a while a pair of 14 driven with a miserable full amp dated 1971 by National Panasonic! (50x2) I can tell you that my Krell FPB 700cx could not sound better than the Panasonic!lets say my system sounded worse than Nationa1! unlistenable!! I believe the eletronics from the 70s are much better suitable for 70s speakers. Certainly are electrically dated but they have an xtra gear musicality and match better with speakers from those days! what do you think!?I'm not subjective but objective!
Since you're interested in a "one box" integrated amplifier, I would consider either Leben model., 300 or 600, and they are very affordable, as I would go tubes
Even though your Altecs are in pristine condition, you should really consider the crossover upgrades that many have done with great results.
Information is easily found online.
335225996, you had to pick a Krell and specifically that one! I don't know
what you used in front of the Krell amp but if it had CAST in its makeup,
well you already know the results. Ideally you need a true 100 Watt Class A
or A/B tube amp with the 19s, if ss then a good 50 watt Class A should do.

Take my 2ยข for what it is, been dealing in vintage horns for nearly 20