Alternative albums that sound passable/good

Anyone want to share some alternative rock/pop/country albums that actually sound good? I know lots of people listen solely to jazz or classical, but I for one need something a bit more going. Here are a few I found that are decent or good sounding, not even close to XRCD but not ear grating, and some great music here, feel free to add yours.

The Features- Exhibit A
Scissor Sisters- ST
Ambulance Ltd.- ST
Cardigans- Long Gone Before Daylight
Grant Lee Phillips- Virginia Creeper
Pinback- Summer In abbadon
Rufus Wainwright- Want 2
Travis- 12 memories
Lucinda Williams- World without tears
Neko Case- Blacklisted
Jim White- Drill a hole in the substrate...
Ryan Adams- Love is Hell
Pell Mell - Interstate
Seam - The Problem With Me
Pedro the Lion - Control
Pedro the Lion - It's Hard to Find a Friend
All three Soul Coughing albums sound great. Very creative production and sonics galore. One of my personal favorites, I really wish they hadn't broken up.
"Midnight Pumpkin" - Toni Price, Austin songstress with good soulfull blues/swing, excellent guitar backing from great band.

"Widestring Tremolo" - Son Volt, country punk from former member of Uncle Tupelo. I like the recording, anyway.

"Hummingbird" - Jim Lauderdale ( all of his are well recorded and good).

"As good as it gets" - Victrola, Western swing jazz. Great band, the singer Alice Spencer is absolutely incredible. Very well recorded.

"Long way from home" - Gibson Brothers, wonderful bluegrass singing and playing. The brothers sound great singing together. (not sure the title is exactly right, but close)

"Hooray for the Moon"- John Dee Graham, another Austin guy, good alt country/rock. Jim Keltner plays drums.

"Unplugged" - Alice in Chains, this has been posted many times, but the recording is incredible, audiophile quality acoustic hard rock.