Playstation 3 + DSD disc + HDMI = Hi Rez sound??

Hi all,
While I was archiving some of my analog tapes and vinyls onto a KORG MR1000 (capable of encoding a lot of formats up to SACD-DSD resolution of 2.8mhz or even higher at 5.6mhz), I decided to save them in DSD format for highest resolution possible and also make a few down-sampled copies (WAV 44.1khz/16bit) for my iPod and WAV 192khz/24bit hoping that I could find a player or music server that could output digital signal to the coax input of my DAC.

Well, I havent found any player/music server with that capability that i can afford yet, BUT I came across something pretty cool that I wanna share with you all:

I was reading the manual of my Playstation 3 and it indicates that the PS3 could play CD, DVD, Bluray AND DSD discs. I was so curious that I made a DSD disc from the music i archived with the KORG (using Audiogate software that came with the KORG) and load it up into the PS3.

It played! With awsome sound that I cant distinguish from the original recording! AND it also display the artwork saved with the tracks!

Well..I'm too excited so I could jump the gun here because the AV receiver that I hooked up the PS3 to (via HDMI) is just a regular Pioneer AV receiver, so the setup might not be optimal for "audiophile" standard, but still, the sound is absolutely great!

Is this a great potential way to record and playback hi-rez digital music in an affordable way? I would think so! Why?

1. DSD format currently offers the highest resolution for recording and playback hi-res digital music if my knowledge is correct.

2. HDMI seems to be the way to go for transferring digital signal (both for audio & video) due to its wide-bandwidth. AFAIK, it can at least transfer 24bit/192khz signal, and I'll be very surprised if Hi-end audio manufacturers wont ultilize it in the future.

So there, with all that given, I wonder if there's any manufacturers out there making DSD-capable player/recorder with HDMI output?? That would be a great way to record/archive and playback hi-rez digital music!

Mean while, if there's not, You can spend less than $1,200 ($850 for the KORG, and $250 for the PS3) to have a recording & playback DSD format system! And as a bonus, you have a cd/dvd and bluray player built into the PS3.

I hope that in the very near future, audiophile manufacturers will implement HDMI connector into preamp & amp !!!

My knowledge about digital music is limited, so please correct me if I am wrong in assuming anything I posted above. Currently, I dont know if there are any (affordable) softwares that allow you to make your own SACD?

Anyone with better knowledge please tell me what sample rate/bit depth that HDMI is capable of? ( I think it's up to 8 channels of any 16/24bit , 44.1 to 192khz or 8 channel of DSD but not very sure)
i may be mistaken, but i don't think the ps3 actually passes dsd. i think it downconverts it to pcm and then passes it via hdmi. i remember reading this somewhere, but i can't remember where. check your manual though as it might say.
I read that not all PS3s can pass DSD, but that some can. My PS3-80 has a DSD logo on its side, which I think may indicate it is one of the units that can pass DSD. But I don't have an HDMI audio connection so don't know for a fact that it passes DSD.

I read that other players might convert DSD to 24bit/176.4khz, but the PS3 pass DSD in its native form (wikipedia)

Plus, my Pioneer AV receiver listed that it supports "SACD and DVD-A transfer via HDMI".

Could this coincidently accounts for the good sound I heard?
The best way to play DSD Discs on the PS3 is to use the AV Multi cable with the stereo pair (RCA) and setup the PS3 to send the audio out the analog port.

This avoids all PCM conversions that are used when going through HDMI or the optical ports. You do in fact get unconverted DSD, decoded to analog in its "pure" state. It is noticeably better sounding in that format IMO. I recently re-released an out-of-print SACD I have ("The Window") on DSD Disc with that in mind. Hope that helps.
This is an old topic, but I wanted to add my contribution in case somebody like me reads it now hehe

For PS3:
Only original models, know as the 60Gb, 20Gb & the 80Gb (MSG4 and Motorstorm pack)have the ability to play SACD disc.
But ALL PS3 (Fat & Slim) are able to read DSD disc.

In terms of data, (no matter what's written on wiki :D) the PS3 can't output bitstream DSD signal through HDMI but "only" a converted PCM at 24bits/176.4kHz or 192kHz (depending of the settings) thanks to the Cell processor. SCE had to put that restriction because of its Sony music group. Today in 2011, some SACD players (even Sony) can output DSD through HDMI but that feature will probably never be unlocked on PS3 since it is not widely used and since PS3's hack...SCE is more focussed on adding security patches rather than adding new cool features to the system T_T

You probably know the answer now since it's been over a year, but in case people still wonder, your statement is right =>"I think it's up to 8 channels of any 16/24bit , 44.1 to 192khz or 8 channel of DSD"

The bitmapping option introduced with a firmware update of the PS3 might also be an extra reason for "The good sound" you can hear beside the fact that your source audio is already of a high and good quality :)
Delias is saying something I agree with.

Use the Analog out.

Last night, I downloaded a bunch of samples and free DSD downloads from Bluecoast.

Next, I used, the free, Korg Audiogate, on my iMac, to burn DSD discs to play in my Playstation 3. (Note : if one uses HDMI, DSD is transcoded on the fly to 24bit/172Khz PCM, if ones uses Optical, then DSD is transcoded to 24bit/88khz, and if one uses the analog multi AV cables, then DSD is directly outputted in analog format)

Using, DVD-R media, I made DSD Discs from straight DSD and used a 24bit /96khz PCM (aiff) download of Pearl Jams "Ten" from HDTracks. I even ripped the 16bit/48khz tracks from my "Pearl Jam Unplugged" DVD and converted to DSD.

Still, testing but I like this very much. Currently looking for DSD ADCs or recorders.

The PS3 doesn't play 24/88 tracks, or I haven't figured out how, but I wanted to have the resolution. The resolution being better than The CD I have. The 24/88 PCM upconverted to DSD sounds great. in fact, just about anything does, when using the Analog out of the PS3, but if you chose HDMI its transcoded to 24/172 on the fly.

Still, garbage in garbage out, but there maybe in some validity in the way DSD is handled- that makes it sound good. The best are the true DSD recorded versions from BlueCoast, there is a free dl.

Right now, I think DSD is an excellent medium for how consumers enjoy music. I.e. Its the new "Tape" or masterfile. Next, transcoding to PCM or whatever to enjoy (or edit) on all sorts of systems.

I would like to transcribe my Vinyl records to DSD to be played back in my iMac with Audirvana and a DSD DAC. (Or just to DSD discs to be played in my PS3)

At any rate, this is fun. Try it.
02-06-10: Jaytea
I read that other players might convert DSD to 24bit/176.4khz, but the PS3 pass DSD in its native form (wikipedia)

There are many players, now, that will output DSD (including multichannel) via HDMI if your processor can handle it. See this list:
To add to Kr4, you can transfer DSD over hdmi, but be careful on the receiver side. My Denon needs to be in "Pure" mode to shut of audyssey (it then says "DSD Direct" on the front panel). If the receiver is doing any processing on the DSD, it is most likely converting the DSD to PCM before doing so. In this setup (Pure), it is pure DSD converted to analog before going to the amp.