Alternative PC for Audience Adept Response AR12T

Anyone tried (a modified) power cord on an Adept Response power conditioner from the wall? I have upgraded from the standard powerChord to the AU24 (non e) version and wonder if there are better alternatives (under 3k retail).
There is no AU24 "e" Powerchord, but don't feel bad as several published audio reviewers have repeatedly stated the same thing.
I had Joe Kubala build an Elation power cord with a Neutrik connector for my Audience aR6-TSS power onditioner. A major improvement over the standard Audience cable
Thanks Airegin as I was looking for its price but could not find it any where. One would assume there is the AU24e PC as the IC and SC are available in this version.

David, do you mean the KBS Elation PC is much better than the AU24 or the powerChord (e)?
I use a Nordost Valhalla PC with a Neutrik adaptor from VooDoo Cable. Works for me!

I thought the K-S Elation sounded suprior to both the powerChord e and the Au24 powerChord.
Ployglot & Airegin... I've been lusting over an Au24 powerChord for some time now and never noticed the “e” wasn’t in the phraseology. I’m wondering if the next generation of the Au24 powerChord will be an "e" version.

The following appeared in a Sterophile review of an Au24 e Interconnect: “The differences are that the "e" versions have been sent out for an undisclosed treatment, and a much more involved and apparently labor-intensive process is used to attach the terminations to the cable.”
/Raks: I also wondered why Audience would not bring out the AU24e as they, after all, had the powerChord e PC released a while back; and certainly as they are now onto the SE versions for ICs. But alas their sales department did not give any hope for an AU24e PC for the immediate release.

/Neal: my natural tendency, as NordOst owner (IC, SC, PC, some of them Valhalla) would be towards this alternative but wanted to hear comments and alternatives from non-NordOst owners as quite a few warned against too much Valhalla or NordOst in their system. Thanks for the tip about the VooDoo Neutrik plug!
Polyglot... I'm going to the Chicago audio show this weekend so if I get the chance, I'll ask.

Understood re surfeit of Nordost in a system, but I have found the PC to be more balanced and fuller bodied than the Valhalla IC's or SC's. FWIW.