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JPS Labs Aluminata Power Cable On My Integreated Amp!!!
Their IC's are superb as well. An underappreciated cable, should be among the best. Neal  
Recommendation for speaker cable to use with Magico speakers
I use Magico A3's from the first production run. I formerly used Audience AU24SX speaker cables, which were very good, and then tried Silversmith Fidelium's. End of memo; they stay in and won't leave. Outstanding cables and reasonable priced. Neal  
Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC vs The Rest
I use Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC for my PS Audio DSD I DAC. Substituted for AQ Hurricane. Cardas is to my ears far more transparent and fully fleshed compared to the Hurricane, which was thin. Different strokes. Perhaps Cardas is much more recogniz... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Magico A3's, purchased from their first production run. Have not and likely will not budge from my living room. Don't even think about them, they are so good. Neal  
Streamer Selection - Thoughts Requested Please!
Holo Red streamer with PS Audio Mk I. The Holo is a big leap in audible quality over Bridge II. I had to wait for 7 weeks for delivery, but for $800 one cannot beat this for multiples at this price. Not sure why they are no longer in stock. Its a ... 
Tidal hifi
I enjoy Tidal immensely, and appreciate the MQA format albums. The resolution is outstanding. I could care less about the technical arguments. And once you get the hang of it, it is easy to navigate Tidal and if you have a query, they always respo... 
George Winston has passed away
His album Autumn is one of my go-to albums to audition a component. Shows major differences among virtually all components, especially cables. Neal  
Streamer $2000-4000
Have you looked into the Holo Red streamer? If they charged $2,000 no one would think it is not worthwhile. It's that good. Neal  
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
Hello adamtor, Believe it or not, I am in a NYC one BR apartment, though relatively spacious for a NYC apt. No room treatments. The LR is about 12W x 20L x 10H. Not a dedicated room; TV on low console in between speakers, components on two racks ... 
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
To ghdPrentice: Regardless of the cost or level of my system, I can hear the difference in audio quality. That said, my system comprises: Magico A3 spkrs w/Fidelium cables; Krell FPB 300cx amp, Shunyata Sigma IC's from preamp; VTL 7.5 iii prea... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Silversmith Fidelium. Real music life. I am not moving anywhere soon. Neal  
VTL TL7.5 series lll VS VAC Master Line Stage VS AR Ref 6 VS Nagra Classic Preamp
I have been using a VTL 7.5 iii for almost 7 years, which I purchased used one year old. No hiccups at all.  I use 12AU7 7316 Amperex NOS tubes (try finding any) in this hybrid 2 piece unit. I have had preamps from C-J, Hovland, Wyetech Opal (5 st... 
Big Krells Have Vanished From The Used Market
I am the happy and content original owner of a Krell FPB 300cx since 2002. Never had a hiccup, blip or any other issue in all this time. About 6 years ago (amp at 15 years old) I hauled it up to Krell in Orange, CT to have the amp re-capped for ab... 
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
But what if a $700 Holo Red sounds as good as or sounds better than a $2000 streamer, which many have said? I have been at this obsession for some 50 years and I have learned that the incremental qualitative increase narrows precipitously as you m... 
Streamer upgrade - best path forward
Why would anyone spend more than $700-$800 when you can buy a Holo Red streamer. Beautifully engineered and built  component and upped my audio quality by 25% over the Bridge II in my PSA Mk I DAC. Neal