Alternatives for Transparent Reference MM2

I am currently using a transparent reference MM2 interconnect (MSB dac to Class A poweramp) and speaker cable.

However, I will be inserting a preamp (ARC Ref5SE) into my system and will need an extra pair of interconnects. As a matter of principle, I only buy cables used since I refuse to take a 50% depreciation hit on an item with 90% margin. First, MM2 (I need 1.5m XLR) rarely show up used, and besides I have to get them matched to my gear, which will set me back another $1K. So I am considering selling my Transparent interconnects and get two pairs of a different brand. I am looking for a mainstream highly respected brand, with a good used market. Target price range is $2000 used per pair. Some alternatives are:

Wireworld Platinum Eclipse
Kimber KS 1136
Tara labs

Has anyone compared these cables with the Transparent MM2? Any other contenders I should be considering?
+1 on samhar's recommendation. I have Transparent Ref MM2 in my system. It's a wonderful cable. (if you buy new you don't have to pay the price to retune it...but I guess you pay one way or the other huh...)

You have one of the best cables be careful you don't step down to much here. A you have Tran Ref MM MM2 version or Trans Ref MM2...their names are a bit confusing...The Ref MM MM2 is more expensive and better...

The Proteus Provecus Praesto will give you about 90% of what any cable at any price offers. I've owned that before and still have some in my system.

Congrats on the preamp! Please post your thoughts on adding it...
Thanks guys. I decided to give the Shunyata Anaconda Zitrons a try. I can get them new at a good price, so my exposure to depreciation is limited to zero in case I prefer to stick with Transparent or go some other direction.
I agree with Jfrech & Jafant. I've owned several high end cables, and am
fixed on TA Reference with an intention to get to XLMM2.
I tried all Shunyata anaconda zitron signal cables and decided to stick with the incumbent transparents - think they were more musical sounding than the shunyatas (although the shunyatas were more detailed and faster).
edorr..congrats...I haven't had any long amount of time with Shunyata signal cables...but I have with Transparent. I can't seem to get away from them either...

A lot of this is system dependent I am of luck!
Dear Edorr,
I´m in the same dillema testing Transparent Reference XL MM2 vx Shunaya Anaconda with ARC REF5. I was hearing Trans XL MM2 today and found the sound a bit metallic in the voices, but the bass was punchier, simply perfect as well guitar which were cleaner and better focused. I only think Anaconda were more smooth. May I know what exactly transparent are you using and price they cost brand new?
Edorr and Pabrognara,

I have had the pure listening pleasure of auditioning the ARC REF5 SE w/ Transparent Opus cable/cord(s). Grab them if you find used, otherwise you will eventually end up there. I like Transparent, as they are a natural sonic match for ARC. Additionally, I like the company's trade-up policy. Not all cable/cord companies do this for their customers. Happy Listening!