Am I right for this forum?

I’ve been an Audiogon member for some years now; I remember (fondly) "millercarbon," for example, which will mean something to some of you. And I’ve been a lover of audio equipment since high school—so, for over 50 years (I graduated in 1973). And yet...more and more, I find myself alienated from this forum, even though I do still read it regularly.

I do have what I consider a very "high-fidelity" system. I’ve written a very long account of my "audio journey," complete with many photos, but not "published" it on this site. I’m also a member of our local audio club, which includes several very well-heeled members who have systems costing more than most homes (one of them owns equipment valued at nearly a million dollars, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: his system is housed in a separate structure purpose-built for it that cost well over a million). I play cello and guitar; my wife plays piano, my daughter piano and violin. We play those instruments in the same room occupied by my main audio system, and so I can attest to the "fidelity" of that system’s reproduction.

And system cost me less than $3,000 in total. I don’t lust after any particular "upgrade," even though I read reviews and all the many accounts of improvements in "SQ" documented in this forum. I an "audiophile," or not? Do I belong here, or not?

I’m listening right now to a wonderful bit of Mozart. I also love Tool. And Christy Moore. And Eva Cassidy. And so many others. I agree with Nietzsche: without music, life would be a mistake. But am I an audiophile? Do I belong on this forum?

Any sympathy here? Anyone else feel alienated from the "audiophile community" despite loving the miracle of audio technology?


You are blessed with a family that loves music as much as you do. I would say that the money you have invested in your system seems to be all you need with the other aspects of your life as they are. It seems as if there are so many different opinions as to what makes a person an audiophile. So many are shaped and molded to meet the hopes and expectations of how each individual  wants to present themselves. I wouldn't give this another thought. 

@immatthewj someone commented “cue Stuart Smalley”.  The OP wrote that the comment stung a bit.  I responded that he should ignore them.

Ah.  Okay.  I take it that the original Stuart Smiley comment had to do with positive affirmations about a system that did not cost a ton of money?

This is another common-place fact which is often misleading in audio and which is used in dac marketing ...😊

Another sad fact: "Garbage in/garbage out." Garbage in an accoustically treated environment is still garbage.

What is the source?

It is not the dac nor the turntable as this "garbage in garbage out" sentence may suggest ...😊

Why ?

This sentence dont come from acoustics... It comes from the computer industry...

In audio then in acoustics, the source is the set of acoustics trade-off choices makes by the recording engineer, which your gear will convey in analog digital reproduction, these choices must be TRANSLATED through your system in the room for your ears... There is not a mere  digital  transport and reproduction here but a translation of acoustics information  from an acoustic environment through another one using all gear pieces as a conveyor toward the speakers/room/ears ...

Then " garbage in garbage out" is not a so useful expression for describing the right or not so right acoustics translation from the live recording Hall into you room ...😁

Dac and turntable matter yes, for sure, but way less than the room/ears parameters controlled or not controlled ...

Anyway as demonstrated by Edgar Choueiri all stereo system are defective and must be corrected to give a TOP experience... This is an acoustics fact too ...

Acoustics science rule audio not software engineering ...

Abracadabra: I mapman the magnificent golden eared musical enchanter, hereby decree: you are now an official audiophile!🪄🪄🪄🪄

Sim sala bim: Magjc happens here….Yee ha!