Am waiting for a well tempered classic turntable

HI all

Looking for advice. Just purchased a well tempered Classic Turntable, with a carbon fiber arm and a leaded platter.

Wonder what interconnects individuals are using and what other tricks individuals have learned overtime.

I plan to try it in my main system first (see system) to replace the analogue section, but ultimately use it as the analogue component of s new system in a mountain house--more about that latter.
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I purchased my square motor, smaller plater spindle, classic with a bent tonearm and in poor shape overall. The guy who refitted the new carbon arm wired the tonearm with a coated silver wire that extends all the way to the preamp. I guess this qualifies as a tweak?

The sensibility of the Well Tempered design is its greatest virtue. Getting one of these setup correctly can be a little tricky but doable. Having someone with setup experience install your cartridge and make the necessary coarse adjustments would be my only suggestion.