Amazing Record/CD store in RI

I just got back from the most amazing record and CD store(s) "In Your Ear Records and CDs"...Warren Rhode Island....If you are ever in RI it is a must visit for Record/CD collectors!

Yup, they have two store in the same little downtown, Main St market place. (Which as a side note is a really cool area to spend an afternoon...Great coffee shops, book stores, donut shops, etc)

The original shop is on Main St, about 3-5000 sq feet of more records and CDs than I've ever seen....Very hap-hazard.....Piles everywhere. As my friend Dave says, a great place to "crate dive"!.....Thousands of CDs for $1 each and many for $3.99 or three for $10.....I bought a bunch! And all in fantastic condition. No Flea Market discs!

The newer store on Market Street is much more up-scale. All CDs are arranged in alphabetical order by artist/band, nice lounge area.....lots of new, unopened CDs....Huge Jazz selection.....Most are priced from $3.99-$7.99 .....Only one unopened I bought was $15...(Donald Fegan, Northeast Corridor...One of the best live recordings I've ever heard)...... I scored an unopened copy of Mike Bloomfield, Super Sessions for $7.99!

All of this and under a half hour from my house!

I shall return!


Traverse City,Mi is a great town.  Let’s not spoil it thru over promotion.  (-

Not too far away, on the Fairhaven / New Bedford Massachusetts lines is “Purchase Street Records”….Huge album selections and a reasonable CD selection….and surprisingly, lots of cassetts. They are on RT 6/Popes Island behind Dunkin Donuts….about 30 minutes from Warren RI



Thank You for this report.   Season's Greetings.


Happy Listening!