Amazing sound quality inexpensive earbuds

I'd like to share my experience with quality earbuds for my Galaxy S3. I read reviews of many headphones looking for something reasonable and when I almost pulled trigger on $150 Yamaha EPH-100 I found this review of LG Quadbeat SE (also known as HSS-F420): (a lot of earbuds reviewed there)

Just look how clean waterfall diagram is. I ordered them from that is Korean company located in Seoul. I got them within a week and am absolutely amazed with the sound not to mention that they costed me $21 ($29 with shipping). I used Paypal but they also accept credit card. Not only that sound is clean transparent and very, very dynamic with beautiful midrange, but also comfort is great. I ordered second pair for my wife and just got confirmation that it was shipped. Yamaha might be good as well but it is 16ohm - minimum recommended for S3. LG Quadbeat SE is 24 ohm. I also have AKG K271 mkII and this LG earbud is pretty close. Be sure it is SE version since they make another regular Quadbeats. SE version has red logo on the back of each earbud. I hope this might be of use to anybody looking for high quality earbuds.

I am still seeking a music device and have been dragging my feet a bit

will report back eventually

Milpai, I don't know. Impedance (24ohm) should be OK but loudness depends on the particular player. I don't have Discman to try.
Amazon now has Klipsch s4 buds for just over $30. I thought these a good value at $80 prior when I bought them a year or two back.

Sounds like its a buyers market for good ear buds these days.
Mapman, you cannot go wrong with AKG K3003 and it is on sale right now for only $1300 (and it is not made of gold)