amp for Meadowlark Shearwater's

What amps match the Shearwater's? would like to hear from ACTUAL Shearwater users. there have been mentioning of amps here and there in previous Shearwater threads, but it seems that this question has been "officially" asked.

The Stereophile review seems to indicate that the Shearwaters go well with tube amps. What tube amps/pre-amps are people using out there?

I'd appreciate any input.
Tube amp is not the only kind of amp, that would work well. Try Pass Aleph 3/Pass L or P combo.
Please take my word for this. This two-way clearly sounds its best with tube gear.I have shearwaters hot rods.My power amp AE-25 superamp DJH & AE-3 pre amp. This is a great match no make that the best match for this speaker.
I may as well add this to the question: are the integrated tube amps any good? Like VTL It-85 and C-J CAV-50?

Tube gear takes a lot of space, and before long the place looks like a museum... So if an integrated works it would be my first choice.
Hello Anti.Great choice in speakers,always sound musical and involving with good tube amplification.While I have never heard them with the CJ-50, I would hazard to guess that would be a great choice in the right room.Every tube amp we tried [MFA 120b's in triode,kt-88 based Lumley monos, and the El-34 based CJ mv-52,]All sounded superb!
The best, is there such a creature? A Belles 150-A hotrod is pretty hard to beat for the money. They are very musical and involving and yes I am a tube lover by the way. I have a BAT VK-75se as my tube reference.