Amp for SF Amati Homage? Rogue Zeus or 180, Jadis Defy 7, Quicksilver 88 or 90 or M-135

I need an amp for recently acquired Sonus Faber Amati Homage. Their impedance drops in the bass and treble, and the treble dip does not work with my Vac Ren 30/30 signature. Hate to part with the beautiful Vac but I must. After I noticed the treble problem (shrill shouting from 2500-4000 hz) I was told Amatis have a natural peak around 3k hz. This is likely exacerbated by the impedance issue and relatively low amp power.

I am looking for a tube amp (please no solid state recommendations) that can handle relatively low impedance swings... Not too extreme like planers, but below 4 ohms. I have a bit of an allergy to brightness and etch and am willing to trade off ultimate extension and treble detail to avoid etch or brightness. I listen to jazz, blues, classical and some older rock. I do have a lot of recordings that are not perfect so I am NOT looking for perfect "neutrality" but rather a slightly warm top end and a rich, full midrange. Bass is not my top priority. My system is a Koetsu Rosewood Signature, Sota Star Sapphire, EAR 834p phono, Thor Ta-1000 pre, and the Amatis. Cabling is all cardas golden cross (warmer stuff) ;)  I listen to mostly vinyl.

My budget is under $4k used, inclusive of tubes. Could anyone give opinions on my shortlist, especially relative to one another?
- Jadis Defy 7
- Rogue Zeus or 180
- Quicksilver 88, 90 or M-135

Thank you for thoughts!

Why buy used? Give Mike a call at Quicksilver and ask him about these amps. My friend just bought them and thinks they are outstanding with his proacs!

If you can extend your budget to 5,500, then this will drive your speaker well with 140 tube Watts.

I was also looking at this amplifier but I am satisfied with Line Magnetic 508 (48Watts) with my Lansche 4.1 with 99db/W.

Your speaker will need more power.

I have nothing to do above listing.
So you are looking for a tube integrated amp? Well.... I was going to recommend you the Audio Research Reference series but with your under $4k budget used I'm not sure if even a used ARC Ref series integrated can be had unless if it's a much older model. 
Or try a used McIntosh tube or SS integrated amps. Even McOntosh SS amps are warm like tubes. 

 ARC Ref 110 amplifier. You can run any 6550 variation including  KT88 and KT120 tubes. It has a tube hours meter which lets you keep track of how many hours are on your tubes. It is a very nice holographic sounding amp.

+1 on the ARC Ref 110 amp. Sorry I thought you were looking for an integrated amp. Yes the ARC and McIntosh tube or SS will pair really well with your speakers. Like I said earlier that even McIntosh SS amps will have a warm tubey sound. See if you can find a used MC302 or MC452. Not sure what they are selling in used markets cause used Mac gears sell pretty high. Mac has very good resale values.

The only thing I worry about with ARC or BAT is the possibility that the top early won't be warm enough. I really don't like amps that are referred to as neutral or detailed, in the typical HiFi vernacular. And i have a long-held prejudice against ARC that they tend to be a little dry. I like weighty, liquid mids and treble that doesn't hurt, even with mediocre recordings. Of course I want to get the most detail and extension I can, without crossing that magical line!

Given above, do you still think the BAT or ARC are recommended?

If I were you I will go for Allnic by stretching budget or negotiating the price.

It is in the class with 20k amplifiers.

VA910s, I would say that both they and the Allnic amps lack a little in ultimate high-frequency extension and airiness. The KR Audio amps have more of the revealing ruthlessness of which I spoke above, though they also sound more clinical. Both amplifiers throw a huge, room-filling soundstage, but only the Allnics do the "woodiness" -- and the internal timbral detail thing. Which one is best? For long-term enjoyment, I would choose the Allnics.
If you can stretch your budget a little bit this would work nicely:

A really nice 80 watt $18,000 amp for $4950. I had its little brother the ATM-1 some years back and it sounded lovely.