Amp is stuck "on"-rocker switch is not engaging

So, my amp is stuck permanently "ON" with the rocker switch not engaging any more. I can't send it in for repair for awhile, as I will need it over Christmas (I will make arrangements to get a backup amp while this one is in for repair). Can I just unplug it when I am finished using it for the night, or is that an unsafe practice? I could use a cheap power strip to turn it off/on, but those things typically have surge protectors that sound like crap (I would prefer to keep running the amp through my HC Ultimate Outlet, if possible). What are your thoughts?
Replace the switch your self. Calll the company and order it or find out the maker of the switch and order it from them. Don`t waste your money on labor and shipping for a $2 item.
leave the amp on all the time unless switching speaker cables or speakers or interconnects - that's what I do.
I've had a couple of amps with that problem. First was my Eagle4---This amp was just put out there with a cheap 0/1 switch. I would see many of these for sale with a broken switch--(yup).I had somebody install a good switch 2/3 years ago--end of problem.----Then there's my CJ8--just one block has the problem. I talked to Ed at CJ;bought a switch for near 200 bucks. He tells me I'm the only owner on the planet with a switch problem----I checked with Guinnis book of records; he's right.----OK, The sw. gets here. I pull the lower front cover.------I can't believe what I see. The entire chasis has to come out--- or use a cutting torch.----All amp switches don't come out;the same
Unless it is a tubed amp and / or a very high bias SS design that generates gobs of heat and you are unwilling to pay the electric bill or have small children in the house and are concerned about their safety, leave the amp on.

Since we are on the subject, Adcom amps have a BIG problem with power switch failure. Luckily, Adcom is VERY easy to work with in this regards and their parts department is a flash to send parts. I know this as i've replaced several switches for friends that had / have Adcom amps.

George: $200 for a power switch?!?! I'm in the wrong business : ) Sean
Sean; On $200--Not quite but close enough. It is a "breaker" type / looking device. I have replaced a few on/off rockers---cake---I swear the entire guts must be removed;just to get access.
Was the $200 just for the switch or was it for the switch and labour? From your post, it sounds like it was for the switch itself and you are doing the labour. If such is the case, i'm still in the wrong business : ) Sean
No, the price was just for the switch,Sean.-- While I had the amp on its side I flipped the switch a couple of times. Then I heard a loose piece jiggle;within the switch.--- Since then it works better. Once in a while it will work first time; other times it takes 2 tries.---This is better than the 5/6/7 tries before the piece within, dislodged.