Amp pairing for Proac Studio 3’s

Just came into possession of a pair of these speakers and after buying and selling many pairs of Proacs, there is something about the ATC drivers in the studio 3 that make me think with the right amp they could be keepers. So what say you former or current owners....what amp would you suggest? I should point out that I have upgraded the tweeters to Hiquphon OWI’s and will be re-capping the crossovers. Also, Lee Taylor will be making me a set of custom cabs at some point in the near future.

Eventually the speakers will reside in a 15x30 semi treated room and the system will have to be wife friendly (she hates multiple components) In fact I am in the middle of selling my seperates for this reason so an integrated amp makes the most sense at this point. Musical tastes run the gamut from Stan Getz to Stan Ridgeway and Dinosour Jr to Hank Williams Sr.

Thank you in advance!
I’ve been looking into the Aria as a possibility as well as Anthem, Vincent SV 700, Exposure, Naim, Wells and AVM. I would budget around 3k new or used, obviously used will get me a bit further. As of late I have tried Hegel H160, Peachtree 150, Vincent sv 237, Bada Purer and few seperates as well but want to go the integrated route for now anyway. Thanks guys.